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Summer, longing for summer…

longing for summer-by aude

by Aude

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Aude #cyclechic #redlight


Along the line

alongtheline2 by aude
DEF// along the line (spoken):
During the time while something is happening or being done

alongtheline1 by aude

by Aude

Cycling in Amsterdam North with Naomi

Cycling with… produced a new video starring architect Naomi. With Naomi we take the ferry to the north side of Amsterdam, and cycle around in this upcoming neighbourhood where Naomi works on social projects in the urban space. Naomi is an architect, but she steadily moves away from the construction part of buildings to the more social aspects.

Naomi is involved in Placemakers; a consultancy and designing organisation of sociologists and architects about urban space.

Cycling with…
Cycling with… is a blog that focuses on the social side of cycling. Paddy and Philip interview people while cycling around in their city. In the interviews a broad range of topics is covered. Want to know more and see what kind of cool filming technique they use? Check out their cycling blog!

Barcelona cycle chic

Last weekend we went for a city-trip to Barcelona.. Of course we decided to rent a bike to (re)discover the city. And of course we went to the shop of our Cycle chic mates: Pedal bike rental
Here is Steven, owner and also parent of a little Eddy (..Merckx !). His wife is running Barcelona Cycle Chic, have a look!

We got great bikes, see mine here below. This day the wind was so strong that we did not even have to pedal from ‘Poblenou’ to ‘Poble sec’ (for the ones who know Bcn!)
Aude #barceloneta
Biking is getting more and more popular in Barcelona which also adds to the quantity of cycle chisters..
#barcelonacyclechic #barcelona
And also to the creation of original bikes, like the lucky bike:

Or customized bikes like this one for “Amadeu”, the dog! Who’s the boss?!!!


by Aude

Bye bye winter hat

Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Even if burgundy is a color that suits you,
Amsterdam Cycle ChicIt is time to take off your winter hat..Amsterdam Cycle chicSome already did remove it because they feel spring is finally there!

amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Rainbow perspective

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Multi coloured lenses are fashionable, with rainbow bright colours changing the perspective of all fashionistas!

Cyclist of the month… bicycle designer Elian

His great grandfather had a bicycle shop, where his grandmother spoked wheels in the cold Dutch winters and his father ran around as a little boy. At the age of 3 Elian learned how to cycle, when 15 years old he started to work in a bike shop and now he has designed the ultimate city bike, the Minute. In short; Elian’s life is all about bicycles!Elian Veltman

The ultimate city bike
Elian is a bike designer. He makes handcrafted bicycles; “the process of designing a bike starts with a blank paper, I talk to the customer, what does he/she want, what is their ideal cycling position, where and how will they use the bike, I take their measurements and then I start.The result is the perfect bike for that person.”
Minute bike
While designing these bikes, Elian realized many people were looking for a bike that would solve the typical urban biking problems many people face: “It should be a bike that they could leave in their apartment (not to get stolen on the street). Not too heavy, not too big, easy maneuverable in the busy city centre’s of Amsterdam and Utrecht and easy to park in the full bike parking’s. Also most people want to sit upright, cycle comfortably and they want to be able to carry groceries and kids on their bikes. When I kept hearing those same requests for a bike, I decided to design the Ultimate City Bike. And we just launched it: the Minute.”

Minute Introduction from Minute Cycles on Vimeo.

Minute city bikeGreat grandfather’s bike shop
Elian’s great grandfather had a bike shop in Maarn (close to Utrecht). Elian’s father still remembers being there as a little boy: “His grandfather was a typical bike repairman. He always wore a blue overall, his hands were black of all the repair work and he was always smoking. He still remembers the smell of his workplace.” In the village of Maarn almost everyone had a Fongers bicycle. “The winters were much harsher then, so in winter people couldn’t cycle because of all the snow, in these winters there were no repairs to do. In those months my great grandparents and grandparents had another task: spoking wheels for Fongers. That is how it went in those days.”

Opa Vreekamp voor Fietsenwinkel

Elian’s great grandfather in front of the bike shop

Links eerst etalage van Opa vreekamp, met soltaat en kind
Family support
Elian lives in Leersum, a village in the green Utrechtse Heuvelrug. His workplace is in the shed of his parents in Maurik. Every morning he cycles to work through the forest and the fields. He has a little son for whom he built a walking bike. “I get a lot of support from my family; my wife moved mountains to get the Minute launched, my 16 year old brother helps building bikes, and my father brings technical knowledge – which often comes in handy.” Even Elian’s grandmother offered help: “Let me know when I can help, I can still spoke wheels like in the old days!”
Elian cargo bike

MINUTE CYCLES FILM – IBM Contest: People 4 Smarter Cities #ps4c from JAN (JustAnotherNerd) on Vimeo.

Cycling with Anna from NSMBL

Most Dutch women probably know NSMBL. It is a very popular blog about fashion, lifestyle, relationships, home interior, and (the looks of) celebrities. The Cycling with… team went for a cycle with Anna, the co-founder of NSMBL. They talk about fashion, Amsterdam and Anna’s Iranian roots. Enjoy the video!


Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Happy Carnival to all you cyclists out there! xoxo Superwoman

Cyclist of the month… singer songwriter Andy

Andy knows what it is to follow your heart. She used to be an investment banker for one of the Netherlands’ biggest banks, but she stopped that promising career to follow her heart and she became a musician. Andy is a happy, positive, 30 year old Dutch singer songwriter. She sings about love, love in relationships but also love for a city. And Andy… she is in love with Amsterdam.

Andy by Aude de Prelle

Andy loves Amsterdam
Nine years ago Andy moved to Amsterdam and she fell in love with the city. “Amsterdam is beautiful, the atmosphere is good and there are so many different people. The fact that there are more bikes than people makes the city even cooler. Everyone cycles! Cycling makes people more social then when everyone sits in their own car. I also love the trams in the city. Sometimes I just hop into a tram and let it take me to its final destination. In those 9 years I got to know all the tram routes!”

City Love
‘City love’ is the name of the record Andy is working on. She is in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign to finance it. With as little as 10 euros people can fund it: “Crowdfunding the money to release my second record is a logical choice for me. Music is social. It is my way to communicate. I make music for people. To move them, to inspire them, or to make them happy. So if I make music for ‘the crowd’ why not involve them in the process of producing my record?” The campaign is going well. In only two weeks Andy funded nearly 60% of her project. The record ‘City love’ is about Andy’s love for Amsterdam and about love between people. “Love is nice, it is horrible, it is disastrous… sometimes love makes you act like a complete idiot. That is what makes love fascinating.”
andy by aude
Racing bike
Andy is not only in love with her city, but also with her bike. She bought her racing bike 6 years ago on Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay). “I bought it because I wanted to see if I liked to go racing. But the bike wasn’t good enough for long cycles so I kept it as a city bike. I have many bikes that got stolen in Amsterdam so I am very careful with this one. I used to carry it up three stairs to my apartment, so that I didn’t have to leave it on the street. Luckily I now have a shared garden with a little storage box where I can put it.”

andy by aude

Look at Andy: No side wheels!
Andy has one very clear memory of when she was 4 and learned to cycle. “It was the last day I would cycle with side wheels. I knew that this would be a ‘Kodak’ moment, so that morning I put on my best dress and cycled with a big smile, and my cute little pink basket to my father taking the picture.”

andy by aude

(Cycling) style
Like most Dutch Andy doesn’t have a ‘cycling’ style, she just cycles with what she is wearing that day. Almost always Andy wears All Stars: “I wear All Stars since I was 9 years old and they really became part of my identity. I wouldn’t go on stage without my All Stars. People would just be so surprised to see me wearing something else.” We also loved Andy’s ring: “That ring used to be my grandma’s. That makes it extra special. My grandma was a tiny lady. She was always very sweet, friendly and quiet. But she was a tough cookie: she had 9 kids and a bakery and her husband passed away quite young. So she worked incredibly hard! Also she was a talented violin player. When I look at the ring I think about the hard work she did and that she didn’t have a chance to make music her life. I then feel so lucky that I do have the chance. That is why I decided to go for it. To follow my heart…”

andy by aude

  • Want to help Andy to make her dream come true? Fund her crowdfunding campaign!
  • Andy is planning a world tour. Do you know a nice venue where she could play? Email her!

Photos: Aude; Text: Joni

Peugeot 2WD (two-wheel drive)

The best way of taking a Peugeot out to the grocery store!

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Plane vs bike

Cycling to the park with your father, cool! Even more so, cause you can bring your new toy too. A model plane! The fastest in it’s sort, you know..
.. At least, way faster than your own bike! image
Daddy enjoys as well, following son and model plane on one and a half bike.
Thank you Wimpie for sending us this reportage!


by Wimpie

Amsterdam Beret Chic

Amsterdam Cycle ChicHow nice that people cycling together often seem to have the same style, for example these 2 cycling beret-styled.. I tell you: New trends are easy to be spotted in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Amsterdam architecture bike tour

Amsterdamse School

Our friends from Cycling with… have made yet another cool video in Amsterdam. This time they want for a cycle with art hirstorian Max Put. In the video you see beautiful examples of the famous ‘Amsterdam School‘ architecture. Max tells you all about this group of young architects and how they wanted to challenge the status quo of more traditional architecture with their new vision on the combination of functionality and style. They wanted to make ‘architecture art again’.

So watch this video! It really makes you feel like you’re on a bike in Amsterdam, while learning a lot about this interesting and revolutionary architecture.

Cycling with Max from Paddy Cahill on Vimeo.

Cycling with…
Cycling with… is a blog that focuses on the social side of cycling. Paddy and Philip interview people while cycling around in their city. In the interviews a broad range of topics is covered. Want to know more and see what kind of cool filming technique they use? Check out their cycling blog!

Dread Inna Babylon


In this case, the title really says it all.. Thanks Corentin, for this cool pic. Well spotted !

The ‘Fietsersbond’

The ‘Fietsersbond’ is the Dutch cyclist organisation. Yes, even in a country where bikes rule the streets, you need an organisation that makes sure that cycling is safe for everyone and stays the preferred mode of transport. Because, imagine what would happen if the Dutch would stop cycling and all get into a car or use public transport… that would mean the whole historic city of Amsterdam, with its narrow streets and bridges, would turn into one big traffic jam!

Waiting for boat to pass

That is why I am a proud member of the Fietserbond and I think all cycling Amsterdammers should be.

The Fietsersbond does a lot of things like:

  • They lobby for safer cycling conditions; like sharing bike lanes with scooters, lighten up cycling lanes that are too dark at night and change unsafe cycling paths or junctions
  • They started a bike school, for young people, elderly or immigrants who want to learn how to cycle
  • On their website you can post your cycling problems; dangerous junctions, potholes, a lack of bike parking space etc.
  • They have a very user friendly route planner for cycling routes in the Netherlands
dutch cyclists organisation

Dutch cyclists federation

In Amsterdam the lobby against sharing the bike lanes with scooters has been very strong, I think that all Amsterdammers on bikes agree that it doesn’t feel safe to share the lane with the much faster riding scooters. Other important issues that the Fietsersbond lobbies for are bike parking spaces and seperated cycling lanes.

Style and Speed - Amsterdam Bridge Ayolt

I also enjoy being a member of the Fietsersbond because of their cool magazine ‘Vogelvrije fietser’ (free-as-a-bird cyclist) and the interesting facts on their website.

Did you for example know that in the Netherlands:

  • 50% of the people go by bike tot heir school or university?
  • 25% of the people cycle to work
  • there are 18 million bicycles (The Netherlands has got ca. 13,5 million inhabitants older than 4 and they own in average 1,3 bike per person)
  • most people cycle between 15 and 18 kilomteres per hour (most people don’t see cycling as a sport, but just as a faster version of walking)
  • it rains quite a bit, 6,5% of the time it is raining, but that doesn’t keep us from cycling

by Meredith

Are you a Dutchie? Do you like cycling? For only 2,17 euro a month you can be a member of this cool organisation!

Visit the website of the fietsersbond

‘Papa poule’

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Admitted, I am a native French speaker so if you translate the title of today’s post literally, it means: Chicken Daddy. Just like a Chicken Mummy would do with her little ones, this French expression hints at a daddy that is very protective with his kid(s). Very much like this father who seems to be also quite involved in the education/protection of his progeniture.. Vive les ‘papa poule’!

The Lightbattle

Happy 2014 to all of you, guys! In the Netherlands, a new year only properly kicks off with the New Year’s dive. This sportive tradition is the ideal way to accomplish (for one day..)  New Year’s resolution #1: losing weight! For those not able to make it to the North Sea, Amsterdam has it’s own alternative: the Lightbattle.
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
On the most beautiful bike lane in Amsterdam, right below the Rijksmuseum, the young design collective VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX created the Lightbattle-installation for the Amsterdam Light Festival. Jump on one of these ten fancy VANMOOF’s and cycle together with friends or complete strangers. Try to get as many lights illuminated as possible.
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Go have a look, you can find the Lightbattle right below the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and it will be there until January 19th 2014. This saddle is waiting for you…

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Mr. Cycle Chic’s Amsterdam pics

Mister Cycle Chic, a.k.a. Mikael Colville-Andersen, visits our beloved city quite regularly. Last month he was here with his kids and also they noticed how many similarities Amsterdam and Copenhagen have. So probably seeing Amsterdam through Copenhagen eyes isn’t much different to how we see it ourselves. 

In the coming months we will posts some pictures of Mikael Colville-Andersen of Amsterdam cyclists. Today, some family cycling pictures:

Four on the Floor

Hey Baby

Bucket Boy




Driving home for Christmas

Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Cycling faster to be the first home for Christmas Eve!

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Your first bicycle

Can’t start young enough, right? These young children are hard to keep up with. Did you know a run bicycle like these supports the development of a child’s balance, motor skills and self-confidence?

girl with bicycle

boy with bicycle

This post is by our guestblogger Nienke Laan. Nienke is an Amsterdam based photographer. She also works as a researcher at the Amsterdam City Council. Doing research about many topics, and one of them… cycling of course!


Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

So it’s almost Christmas. Everyone is already talking about it although  temperatures are not at the usual X-mas low. Admitted, the weather is even still quite enjoyable but I would not lay down on the grass of the Museumplein like these 2 do next to their bikes. So I wonder:

or they are listening to a classical concert performed in the Concertgebouw right in front,

or they are trying to get a cold not to go to work,

or they are in love!

ACC blowing out 2 candles!

So.. it’s already so far: we are 2 years old! Thanks all for following and supporting us.. Here are some of our most popular posts of this second year:

must be a good book by Aude

At the end of 2012, Must be a good book by Aude, exposed in Buenos Aires thanks to Else!

Happy friday!

Happy Friday! by Else

Cyclist of the Month: Photographer Julie Hrudova

One of our great cyclist of the month, by Meredith

backin80s-2-by Aude

Back to the 80′s taken by David, and spotted by Aude

It's a match!

It’s a match by Meredith

2people 1 bike

Two people one bike by joni

Suits on bikes

Suits on bike by Meredith

summer in the city

And to end up, our musical post: summer in the city by Aude..


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