Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Child seats

Party Time!

Arriving to parties by bike is super fun, but balancing a handful of balloons flying around can get slightly challenging. This family of 4 seemed to handle it nicely! Happy days..

photo 3

By Mel

Instamonth: May’s top 10 Instagram pictures

Are you already following us on Instagram? You should, if you want to learn more about Amsterdam’s cycling culture and enjoy the diversity of cyclists and bikes in Amsterdam’s streets. Every month we will post the most liked Instagram shots here on our blog.

This is the top 10 of May:

1. Dog in crate

2. Mother and sons

3. Father and son

4. Eating an apple while cycling in the rain

5. Rainy day cycling

6. Bike parking Amsterdam central station

7. Flower pants

8. Google likes bikes

9. Mother with cargo bike and kids

10. Now that is Cycle Chic, sir!

Office views

I am lucky that the social enterprise JO Cadeau that I founded has its headquarters (and to be honest, only quarters) in this amazing building by Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck. It is an anti-squat arrangement; you pay very little and rent a space in a building that would otherwise be empty or occupied by squatters. It is great. It is in the city centre, in the old Jewish neighbourhood. The only disadvantage is that you can suddenly be ‘kicked out’ when the building is sold.

I want to show you some essential parts of my days at the office, the view at the Hollandsche Schouwburg, the building and my great businesspartner Josje.

Plantage Middenlaan

My office

Plantage Middenlaan

My view

Lady on bike Amsterdam

My businesspartner

For lunch I love to go out to get some bread and nice Dutch cheeses that we eat all together (interns, freelancers and ourselves) in our office. When outside, I look at the cyclists. It is a diverse scenery at the Plantage Middenlaan. Check it out:

Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Amsterdam tourist cycling

Amsterdam cycling


by Joni


It is the time of the year again that all kids in Nothern Europe get really excited. Why? Because Santa Claus is coming to town! Sinterklaas is a lively tradition in Northern Europe. The legend goes that Sinterklaas, who lives in Spain, arrives by steamboat over the Amstel River every year. Reason for all parents to get their kids on the bike and follow this happy proceeding alongside the shores of the river.
sint1 by aude
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Here he comes, Sinterklaas!
Amsterdam Cycle Chic

And here they go again, sometimes I suspect some parents to be even more exited than their kids!
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Amsterdam Cycle Chic

This year the Sinterklaas tradition got a lot of attention from all over the world. Not for a positive reason, though. There has been a big controversy about Santa’s helpers, the ‘Black Peters’. Some think of it as a tradition that lacks respect to these nice ‘Zwarte Pieten’. You can read all about it in the NY times, the Washington post or even Aljazeera. Here are some ‘Zwarte Pieten’ on roller blades:
Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Anyway, I don’t feel like taking any position. All I want to do is to share the joy of the kids and the devotion of their parents, carrying them on their bikes:

Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
And, last but not least, a picture of my very sweet niece carrying a letter for Sinterklaas himself…

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

How to cycle chic … in Berlin!

Have you been to Berlin? Wow, what a city. This weekend I was super impressed with the numbers of cyclists their chic style.

Though the cities are very different, Berliners and Amsterdammers have quite a lot in common when it comes to cycling, also a few new things to learn! So if you’re in Berlin, here’s how to cycle chic. Check it out:

1. Wear a dress and tightsHow to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

2. Park where you want to
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

3. Know that maroon and different pinks DO match, somehow
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

4. Get some flowers for your handlebars
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

5. Strut your heels and blond tresses
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

6. Look relaxed, and wear dots.
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

7. Dont leave home without a scarf!
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

8. More dots and vintage road bikes
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

9. Stow your bag on the back rack
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

10. Change your gears!
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

11. Ride with long-stem flowers
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

11. Grow a beard…but only half-way
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

12. Go to Tempelhof, (airport-turned-park) with your kid’s bike on your back rack
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

13. Enjoy the Tempelhof runway with friends
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

14. Ride a men’s road bike!
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

15. Stop and listen to the music, and enjoy this magical city!
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!


by Meredith

PS. Berlin has their own cycle chic blog, check them out here!

Back to the 80’s

backin80s-2-by Aude

I am not Dutch but married with a real one and this is a proof! Earlier this year, we had a baby-girl, sweet little Alice. We wanted to know who she looks like so we had a look at photos of my man when he was a kid. When I saw those pictures of him (in the front seat) with his brother on the back seat of their mum’s bike, I had one thought : “cycle chic back in the 80’s” !

Amsterdam cycle chic

Taken by David in 1985 – Posted by Aude in 2013

Boy in the back seat

Getting your two kids on your bike can be quite a balancing act. Check out how this dad gets his son in the back seat. He clearly does this more often!

family cycling

Dad and kids cycling

Boy in back seat

Family cycling

Ladies with babies

Family cycling - Amsterdam

Baby in child seat on bike

Before kids can cycle themselves, they have already been on a bike many times. Dads and mums take them in a carrier, a child seat or in the cargo bike and cycle them around. To daycare, to the supermarker or just for a relaxed ride through town. Kids love it. You see them looking around, enjoying the speed when cycling down a bridge or just sleeping like angels.

by Joni

bakfiets mum

Child in child seat

Cyclist of the month: Ed, coolest Opa ever!

Ed is born in Assendelft. He moved with his sweet wife Ellie to Amsterdam in the 60’s where they got 3 daughters. Ed retired 8 years ago after having served as a social worker for 30 years. Next to his work, Ed has always been a big collector. He used to pile baskets on his bakfiets and cycle all over Amsterdam, looking for pieces of bikes, etc.
Ed1 by Aude
As you can see, both house and bicycle storage contain huge collections of all kinds of items Amsterdammers ever left on the street…
Ed2 by Aude
One day, Ed and his wife were asked by their daughter to look after her newborn twins: Ines and Sofia. Ed’s daughter is a graphic designer and works full time from home. She is very good by the way, see here.
As they live on opposite sides of Amsterdam, Ed had to find a solution to go and get Ines and Sofia twice a week.
So 1,5 year ago, Ed decided to give a new life to his bakfiets. He removed the pile of baskets and made this unique creation to carry this precious duo:
Ed3 by Aude
The bakfiets itself is actually older than Ed himself! But, as Ed likes to put it: «this sort of quality is nowhere to be found anymore these days».
As you can imagine, they do not go unnoticed. Many tourists as well as locals have already got a snap of them!

Don’t think this is the only bakfiets redesigned by Ed. He has one more, a very special one:
Ed4 by Aude Ed5 by Aude

This is a picture he took of another of his daughters with some more grandkids:Ed6 by AudeThis bakfiets has a nice story :Ed7 by AudeTranslation : «The story started with my friend Henk. A long time ago he made a bakfiets in the form of a bible. He used to cycle around Amsterdam with it for years. He also set up the bakfietsclub of Amsterdam. I became myself the chairman, secretary and treasurer. Henk passed away a few years ago. It seemed that his last wish was to be buried in his bible. So we drove him in his bakfiets to his last resting place. Henk’s daughters offered me the undercarriage of the bakfiets. In his attic, Henk still kept a float of a waterplane;just to have something to sail away with, in case a deluge would ever occur. We have then installed the float on the bakfiets and it is still on it today.» Ed Koomen.

Ed8 by Aude

Ed9 by Aude Ed10 by Aude

Ed never had a car, he is a member of the cyclist union Fietsersbond. He is a real Dutch man; healthy and happy to cycle! Inspired by the Roman times, his motto is «veni, vidie, fietsie».

Ines and Sofia : enjoy the ride!

Ed11 by Aude

Reportage by Aude

PS : As it’s never too late to start learning Dutch, here you go: Opa = grandfather and bakfiets = delivery bike

Music and bikes: last chance to win!

This weekend is your last chance to send in pictures for the Music & Bikes competition to win a Hotelfietsbel. So we thought we might give you some more inspiration with these pictures of Amsterdam cyclists.

Music and bikes

Boy giving an ‘air-drum-concert’ on his dad’s front carrier

Music and bikes

Carrying a drumset on a bike while listening to music

Music and bikes

Cycling with a guitar

Music and bikes

Mum cycling home after her violin classes

To win a Hotelfietsbel (hotel bike bell), the coolest bell in Amsterdam, you can post your pictures of Music & Bikes to our Facebook wall, our Flickr Group, or just email them to

For more inspiration check out the Flickr group and the ‘Cycle to the music‘-post
Visit the Hotelfietsbel website for more information about the bell or read our blogpost about it.


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