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Cycling holidays

Sunny Saturdays

Summer is in full swing in Amsterdam and everybody is getting to their cafe dates, festivals, beaches and museums by bike. The mornings are getting cooler but the afternoons the weather make for perfect cycling…so get out and enjoy the summer sunshine!





By Mel

Barcelona cycle chic

Last weekend we went for a city-trip to Barcelona.. Of course we decided to rent a bike to (re)discover the city. And of course we went to the shop of our Cycle chic mates: Pedal bike rental
Here is Steven, owner and also parent of a little Eddy (..Merckx !). His wife is running Barcelona Cycle Chic, have a look!

We got great bikes, see mine here below. This day the wind was so strong that we did not even have to pedal from ‘Poblenou’ to ‘Poble sec’ (for the ones who know Bcn!)
Aude #barceloneta
Biking is getting more and more popular in Barcelona which also adds to the quantity of cycle chisters..
#barcelonacyclechic #barcelona
And also to the creation of original bikes, like the lucky bike:

Or customized bikes like this one for “Amadeu”, the dog! Who’s the boss?!!!


by Aude

Sevilla Cycle Chic

sevilla1 by Aude
sevilla2 by aude

I am just back from a long weekend in Sevilla with my family. It was really good to see them all! The city is beautiful, as was the weather: 30 degrees! Great way to extend the summer.. There were many cycle chicsters like those young Spanish people or my sister/mother:

sevilla3 by aude
The infrastructure is cycle and eldery friendly (see the road sign here above!)

sevilla4 by aude
Next to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Cathedral and the Alcázar palace , we biked to the CAAC (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo). This museum, build in an ancient monastery, is a very inspiring place  that’s worth the detour..

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Not only locals  or ‘cycle chic families’ rent bikes or use the Sevici to get around, here you have a group of Italian friends, enjoying Sevilla by bike.

Bike sharing squared

If you really like sharing, you do not only take a bike from a bike-sharing scheme, but you also share that bike with someone else. That is bike-sharing squared!

This summer I was in Nice again and we saw quite a few people sharing the Vélo bleu bikes.

The sign of the Vélo bleu scheme is spot on; a bicycle with wings and the tagline Bougez en tout liberté (moving in complete freedom). I love it that it underlines the freedom that cycling gives you!

Want to see more pictures of cycling in Nice? Check out the blogpost I wrote last year: Greetings from Nice

Three in a row

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Cycling with 2 of your best friends and feeling the road is yours, this is the right way to enjoy the summer!

How to cycle like a Queen (or King!)

Yesterday was a whirlwind of parties all over the city and what was the best way to get there? By bike of course. How did you flaunt your flair on your bike? Here are six ways some Amsterdammers showed their orange pride.

1. With a hat
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

2. With a traveling party
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

3. Tagging along with a friend (and ‘flag’ your cheeks!)
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

4. Bike together and scarf your orange
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

5. Adorn yourself in a King’s robe
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

6. Proudly fly your flag!
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)
by Meredith

White bikes and Dutch nature

‘God created the world, and the Dutch created the Netherlands’, that’s what people sometimes say about our country. And indeed, it is quite difficult to find parts of the Netherlands untouched by men. But, this weekend I enjoyed the beauty of Dutch nature in national park ‘De Hoge Veluwe’. The natural beauty was amazing. The play between rain and sun caused dramatic skies, deers and hares walked through the forests and the wide heather sometimes made me think of the African savanna. But, the Dutch couldn’t help touching also this part of nature. A family built a museum in the park with famous pieces of Van Gogh, Picasso and Mondriaan. And through the park a network of cycle lanes was created to cycle around on the free white bikes that are all around the park. The Dutch just can’t help it; they ‘have’ to touch nature to make every part of the country bicycle friendly…


The free white bikes


A bicycle friendly natural park


African images


Which way to go?


Family cycling


Joni on a white bike


Well ahead of his family


Sunshine in the forest

Groningen Cycle Chic

This weekend we went to the beautiful city of Groningen. Groningen is in the north of the Netherlands. It has an old and famous university, a cool modern art museum ‘the Groninger Museum‘ an old city centre and as every Dutch city; it is full of bikes and everybody of all ages cycles.

Bike in front of university

Bike at Groningen University

child seats

Family cycling

Groningen Cycle Chic

Cheesy cargo bike

Bike art in Groninger Museum

Art by Yin Xiuzehn in Groninger Museum

Groningen Cycle Chic

Groningen University

Bike parking Groningen

Bicycle parking

Groningen Cycle Chic

Love bike

Cycling in Groningen

Bike parking in Groningen courtyard

Groningen loves bikes

bikes in window

Bicycle statue in Groningen

Learning to cycle / statue in Groningen

Cycle Chic Conference 2012 – Budapest

This year’s Cycle Chic Conference in Budapest was legendary! The Cycle Chic Republic was united in the Hungarian capital. So it was a weekend full of bike events, chatting about cycling, photographing, tweeting and instagramming with bloggers from o.a. Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vitoria (Brazil) and Budapest.

Mikael Colville Andersen Aron Halasz

Cycle Chic bloggers

Hungary Cycle Chic

Hungary Cycle Chic host: Áron on his Dutch bike

Cycle Chic Conference

Hungary Cycle Chic organised the conference and found many sponsors to make our stay even more enjoyable and the cycling events even cooler. The main event for us was definitely the Bicycle fashion show, in which normal people walked the catwalk with their bikes, dressed up in their best clothes. It was so nice that we decided to dedicate a whole blogpost to it, that will follow later this week.

Budapest is working hard on improving their cycling infrastructure. The very successful Critical Mass meetings have certainly left their mark. And now organisations like Hungary Cycle Chic and the Hungarian Cyclist Club are taking bicycle activism over to make the city more bicycle friendly. But as you can see on the pictures; Budapest has bicycle infrastructure and cyclists, and was quite a comfortable city to cycle around. So let’s hope the amount of cyclists, cycle lanes and bicycle traffic lights will only improve!

Mikael Colville Andersen

Budapest bike lane

Cyclists in Hungary - Budapest

Budapest cyclists

Cycling in Budapest

Budapest Cyclist

Waiting for a traffic light

Budapest Cyclists

bicycles on boat on Danube

Bikes on boat on Danube

Bicycle infrastructure

Bicycle traffic light

Bicycle Infrastructure

Budapest bicycle infrastructure

Bicycle repair

Bike repair at Danube

Reflexion Budapest

Budapest in bike light

Budapest Cycle Chic

Thanks Cycle Chic Hungary

Thanks to the Hungarian Cyclist Club, the European Mobility Week and the Center for Budapest Transport for sponsoring the cycling events. Thanks Csepel Bikes for lending us our very comfortable and cool bikes! And thanks Anker’t for being such a cool bar and for sponsoring the afterparty after the fashion show.



It is now a year ago that I (Aude) travelled through Asia with my husband for more than 4 months! At the time, I was already taking pictures of bicycles for the blog of our friend Philip: Dutch in Dublin.

BIKASIA is a compilation of images showing that bikes are very popular all over Asia: from India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia to China! But the best thing is that they are all cycling chic!

Bikes and windmills

We see tourists walking through the Red Light District, queuing for the Anne Frank house and sitting in ‘coffeeshops’. But what we, ‘Amsterdammers’ don’t see is that a lot of them also leave the city to discover its surroundings and see a bit more of the Netherlands. One of the places they like to visit is the Zaanse Schans. And, by accident, I was there too on one of my cycle tours on a lazy sunny Sunday. And what I saw were windmills, many windmills, and bikes!






Cycling Berlin style!

Milou, one of the Amsterdam Cycle Chic team members, moved to Berlin a few months ago. So Else and Joni of Amsterdam Cycle Chic decided to visit her there.

Amsterdam Cycle Chic team

Joni, Milou and Else

We loved it! And in between enjoying one of the many terraces, parks and museums, we spotted cyclists, quite a lot of cyclists, and many of them in cool Berlin style!

Check out these elegant ladies on their pink bicycles…

Berlin girl parking pink bike
Berlin Cycle Chic
and the many other cyclists!

Cycling on a small bike with cool hat

Cycling Berlin style

Cool looks in Berlin

Listen to the music!

Cycling together in the park

Mum and daughter

Borch on his racing bike

Dutchie on his racing bike

Escapade à pAris

The cycle chic team has been travelling a lot in Europa during the summer. Lately Aude and her sister were invited by their mum to go to pAris! Of course they rented a velib’ to move around. And they met many locals on a velib’ too. Here you can see a girl on high heels…
Paris talons by Aude
Guys chatting on Pompidou square…
Paris Pompidou by Aude
Some youngsters heading for a party…
pAris by night by Aude

Cycling is getting more and more popular here so many people have their own 2 wheels. Look at these:

Frenchy on a race bike…
Paris race by Aude
Dude on lady’s bike…
Paris mocassins by Aude
Girl on a city bike with basket…
Paris lunettes by aude
The trio Aude-sister-mum have been cycling through the whole of pAris. They came to see the exhibition “Panorama” from Gerhard Richter on the top floor of centre Pompidou. Dedicated to modern and contemporary art, le centre Pompidou is a place you can’t miss if you are interested in art. This painting called “le vélo” is from Alain Séchas, it is part of the permanent collection of the Museum.
le vélo de Séchas by Aude

Amsterdam North

amsterdam north
Today, the weather was so beautiful that we decided to take our bikes up to the North of Amsterdam. Half an hour cycling takes you away, right into the heart of the real idyllic Dutch countryside where water is everywhere. So all kinds of solutions have been created to cross over, like for example this “floating platform”.
amsterdam north
We were not the only ones with this idea today: we met those 2 friendly Amsterdammers while crossing the river. Thanks for posing girls!

amsterdam north

by Aude

Greetings from Nice

As the summer in Amsterdam is more rainy than sunny, the Cycle Chic team members pack their bags and go to sunnier places. Joni went to the south of France; Nice in the Côte d’Azur, to enjoy the sun, lie on the beach and do some sightseeing. Needless to say, she took a bike to cycle through the city, testing Nice’s cycling infrastructure and checking out Nice’s cycling culture. And as you might expect from the chique Côte d’Azur, Nice is quite Cycle Chic!

Joni from Amsterdam Cycle Chic in Nice

From Nice with love

Nice Cycle Chic

Nice Cycle Chic

Nice Cycle Chic - bike sharing

Cycle path with velo bleu bikes

Nice Cycle Chic

Cycling Côte d’Azur style

bicycles on the beach in Nice

by bike to the beach

discover Nice by bike

Tourist bike tour

electric car sharing and bike sharing in Nice

electric car and bike sharing

Chocolate gift from Zurich

My boyfriend was on a business trip to Zurich. Instead of bringing home chocolates, he brought me this picture as his gift.

Chocolate bike

Sunday shopping

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Long week-end is for some people the perfect moment to go away and for others just the perfect time to stay in town. This girl just arrived, she is looking for her bike keys, she is about to enter in her favorite shop (yes, most shops are opened in Amsterdam on sundays!)

Amsterdam Cycle Chic goes Morocco

While the citizens of Amsterdam temporarily swap their bicycles for ice-skates, part of the Amsterdam Cycle Chic team visited Morocco. In Morocco we encountered a widespread and very colourful cycling culture, which is not only limited to its cities and villages. Apparently even the desert offers a good soil for cycling. You do have to be a skilled cyclist to be able to mount the sand dunes of the Sahara.

Cycling in the Moroccan dessertCycling through the Moroccan dessert

In the medinas of Rissani and Marrakech the bicycle is, next to donkeys, a much-used vehicle for transport. Vegetables, eggs, or even groceries for the whole week are being transported by bicycle.

Vegetables carried home with a bicycle in Morocco

a fully loaded bicycle in Morocco

Goods transported on a bicycle in Morocco

While a young girl is proudly showing of her red mountain bike in Ouarzazate, an old man is using his bike as a chair while chatting with friends in Rissani.

Girl in Ouarzazate showing her red bicycle

A man chatting on his bike to a friend

The colourful aspect of Morocco’s cycling culture manifests itself in its cheerful coloured bicycles and accessories. Check out the cool pannier bags and saddle covers. As you can see, I even had my own made!

A saddle cover and panniers in Morocco

Cow saddle cover in Morocco

A man making panniers in Morocco

Aude on a bike

My life on 2 wheels started 4 years ago when I decided to leave Brussels to join my boyfriend in Amsterdam. My first bike-buddy was brand new and pink one with no hand brakes, but pedal brakes: the Dutch way.

After learning to cycle in the busiest street of Amsterdam without a bell and without a foot on the ground, I could claim I didn’t belong to the tourist-community anymore!

My second buddy was old and green, a great one! He took me, or I took him 200km away.

green bike

It was my first holiday that started right outside my door. My boyfriend said: “3,2,1 … we are on holiday!” with no car, no plane, no boat, no train. In just 4 days we cycled with our everyday bike from Amsterdam to Friesland in the Northern parts of Holland. Sporty? Nope, never forget that Holland is as flat as a pancake!

bike in the wood

Cycling among windmills

This one is my husband’s bicycle, he took us to our civil wedding in Amsterdam. Seated behind my husband-to be, we cycled all the way through the city to join our families waiting for us on a boat. We couldn’t make it more romantic.

wedding on bike

After the big day we decided to travel around Asia for 5 months. We took some bicycle pics for our friend’s cycling blog

Today, my bike-buddy is blue, I’m already curious to see what will happen with this one…


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