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Cycling in suits

Instamonth: June’s top 10 Instagram pics

June, the month that the summer started, that the parks are everyone’s favourite places to be, and the month that the city turned orange because of the World Cup.

Check out Amsterdam Cycle Chic’s top 10 of June’s Instagram pics:

1. Daily life in Amsterdam; cycling together on one bike to work

2. Good morning Amsterdam, cycling along the Amstel river

3. Lady cycling on the skinny bridge

4. Dutch girl in orange wearing her bike chain as a belt

5. Cycling in the Vondelpark

6. Bridges are the Dutch hills

7. Cool hair!

8. A rose for your girlfriend?

9. Last phone call and then the weekend really starts

10. Cargo bike parking sign at the Beatrixpark

Are you already following us on Instagram? You should, if you want to learn more about Amsterdam’s cycling culture and enjoy the diversity of cyclists and bikes in Amsterdam’s streets. Every month we will post the most liked Instagram shots here on our blog.

The daily grind

Getting to and from work is usually a bit of a bore in most cities. Crowded trains, noisy buses, traffic, pollution, pushing and shoving.

Living in Amsterdam and riding to work (and playing afterwards!) makes your journey, and day ahead much more enjoyable. You can almost guarantee your commute time each day – which for most people who travel by bike, is less than 20 minutes to the centre. I travel by bike and my work is only a few blocks away! Is it any wonder why the French are trying to pay their citizens to ride their bikes to work?

Here is a little snapshot into our bump and grind here in Amsterdam. Enjoy a day in the life..






By Mel.

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

Since December passed us by so quickly we are just now getting to share some big news. US-based urban cycling mag, Momentum Magazine, featured our very own Amsterdam Cycle Chic girls in their December issue. Joni and I wrote a brief article with tips about the best cycling city in the world, including a few pointers on “how to cycle like an Amsterdammer”. In the 2-page spread they also featured photos by us — and Aude’s shot of me for last year’s Cyclist of the Month was chosen for the cover! You can still download the December issue here.

We love opportunities like this. Sharing Amsterdam’s unique and amazing  – and all so normal at the same time – bike ‘culture’ with the world is one reason this blog exists. So keep on cycling chic, Amsterdam!

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

A pink pants weekend!

Did you see the Pride parade on the canals this Saturday? Those boats were incredible! In between the fabulous drag shows, feathered boas, winged costumes, glitter and glam–some people managed to keep their pants on this weekend at Amsterdam Pride. And when they did, it was nothing but pink!

A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!

by Meredith

Suits on bikes

Suits on bikes
Suits on bikes
Suits on bikes
Nevermind this sweltering heat, who doesn’t love a good-looking suit? With a beer, phone, briefcase–doesn’t matter, as long as it looks good. And on a bike, of course!

by Meredith

Business delivery

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

I just loved these blues-brother-like guys, appearing on the borders of the Amstel river. It made me wonder, though: are they just colleagues on their way to have a drink or is this a smart dressed entrepreneur, taking his client out for lunch to one of the nicer restaurants on the borders of the Amstel. In any case, you must have a good deal of self-confidence to sit on the front seat of a bike like this, because a clumsy fall of the bike in front of a fully occupied terrace does not really match with this cool image!

How Cycle Chic is the new king?

As you probably have heard; we have a new king! On Tuesday the ceremony of the abdication and the coronation (without a crown though) took place in Amsterdam. Prince Willem-Alexander (also known as ‘Prins Pils = Prince Pilsener’) is now king Willem-Alexander and his Argentinian born wife, Máxima, is Queen Máxima.

For Amsterdam Cycle Chic the first question that arose was of course; how cycle chic are the new king and queen? As a royal couple you usually are very chic, but do they also cycle chic? We found the following pictures of the King and Queen on bikes. What do you think? Quite cycle chic eh?!

King of the Netherlands on a bike

The king of the Netherlands cycling in a suit

Family cycling; Willem-Alexander, Maxima and their three daughters on bikes

Dutch Royal family on bikes

Willem Alexander op een bakfiets

Royal family cycling with a cargo bike

Prinses Maxima op de fiets

Queen Máxima on a bike

Willem Alexander en Maxima op de fiets

The Dutch king and queen on their bikes

the young prince Willem Alexander

King Willem-Alexander as a boy

Cycling with Job, former mayor of Amsterdam

Paddy and Philip from the blog Cycling with… went for a cycle with Job Cohen, former mayor of Amsterdam. On a sunny day, Job told them a lot about the history of Amsterdam, about living cities and about interesting things that happened during his time as mayor.

Job Cohen was Amsterdam’s mayor for more than 8 years, he was the first to wed a same sex couple and he was awarded with the title European Hero by Time Magazine.

So sit down and relax and let Job take you for a spin through the Westerpark, de grachtengordel (the old canals) and along the river Amstel

Cycling with Job from Paddy Cahill on Vimeo.

Tuxedo Tuesday!

Tuxedo Tuesday!Tis the season for parties! Judging by their speed and frantic faces, it looks like these two are definitely late to the party–and might not know the address!
by Meredith

Classy Sunday

Biking to the ball

Where is this well-clad couple heading? The opera? The ball? A wedding? Where ever it is, they’re getting there in style.
by Meredith


Senior Cycle Chic

In Amsterdam people of all ages cycle. Last week we saw ladies with their babies on bikes, we have seen young kids cycling and trendy students. This week we show you chic cyclists with grey hair. Aren’t they stylish and fit? I guess cycling keeps you young!

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Happy new year!

old times

Postcard found by Aude

I found this postcard in a vintage shop in Amsterdam. Unfortunately there is no information about the place and time this picture was taken. But they looked so cycle chic that I could not resist posting it to wish you all a great new year 2013!

Bike Fashion Show in Budapest

As  we wrote in our previous post, the absolute highlight of the Cycle Chic Conference in Budapest last weekend, was the Bicycle Fashion Show. When you think of a fashion show, you think of a catwalk, spotlights, photographers, press, and beautiful models. That was all the case in Budapest. But the models in the fashion show were very special. Not only did they walk the catwalk with (their own) bicycles, but also, they were not professional models, but just normal people that love cycling in their city, Budapest.

The models had been spotted on the streets and subscribed themselves to participate in the fashion show. The goal was to show the beauty of cycling, that cycling is for everyone and that you can wear the clothes you love the most while cycling. No need for lycra of sport gear.

Check out Budapest’s stylish cyclists!

Budapest bike model

Budapest bike model

Budapest bike model
Waiting for the show to start

Budapest bike model
posing for the cameras

Groom going to the church

Amsterdam cycle chicThose pictures were taken yesterday, at a beautiful Dutch wedding of friends where the groom had the great idea to cycle to the church with his family and best friends..Amsterdam cycle chicLast minutes of ‘single-life’ on 2 wheels, how cool!

Amsterdam cycle chic

Pictures taken by Aemilia

FIX your style!

Amsterdam Cycle chic

by Aude

Cycle Chic – The Book

Mr. Cycle Chic and founder of the entire Cycle Chic Republic, Mikael Colville-Anderson, made a book full of pictures of chic cyclists from all over the world. It is called ‘Cycle Chic’ and published by Thames & Hudson.

Cycle Chic Book by Mikael Colville-Andersen

Cycling with umbrella

Rainy Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic by Mikael Colville-Andersen

If I can bicycle, I bicycle

With colourful images Mikael takes you around the globe and shows you how people enjoy cycling through their cities and look fashionable at the same time. There are pictures from his Copenhagen and from our Amsterdam, but also from many other cities from all over the world.
Hungarian Cycle Chic Budapest

Colourful Cycle Chic in London and Paris

Paris and London

Dublin Cycle Chic


Coffee To Go


Wanna see more?

Bikes and business men

Suits, ties and bicycles. Check out the monthly post by the global Cycle Chic Republic of business men on bikes from all over the world.

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsBusiness man by AudeBusiness man in Amsterdam by AudeYoung business man by AudeCopenhagen, DenmarkSpring Sunshine 13Wagamama Window: Rain. Suit.Suits Him FineFantastic Dublin, IrelandDublin Cycle Chic - Him and Her VancouverP1070655P1070067
Cardiff, Great BritainGeorge and his Brompton Belgiumbusinessman_belgiumbusiness_belgium Budapest, Hungary14772065_c7befefd100477b6a4607b67e5d37b7c_xl14728275_be76a4f90abfad5eacda95f4caf4f9a9_xl13157183_a0d10e8505d68809ad16d1646f5fc43c_xl9251543_86c356b7649a6d8e0f8c715b1e05f52b_l Vienna, Austriasmart!smart businessman 2Aristocrat
Barcelona, Spainsunny spring SundayGoing to work Paris, FranceParis Cycle ChicFoto by Barcelona CCBusiness ManBusiness ManRue de Rivoli....
Toronto, Canada
The Wait 80718985 suits ride fixies too!who needs a benz when you got a bike?
Caracas, Venezuela
jose orozco GrazPhone
Sydney, Australiadapper cycle 8950James at Customs House Lisbon, PortugalP1080988P1100419 Gdansk, PolandIMG_3482IMG_1719IMG_1756IMG_1300 Strasbourg, Francecravate2cravate1

Colourful cycling

Amsterdam cycle chic

Colourful cycling by Aude

























This is not a clown! In Amsterdam, even older people are not afraid to wear many colours.

Would this be because the royal family, Van Oranje (litteraly: from Orange) resides in this colourful country?

Cyclist of the Month: Eske the Strategy Consultant

On a very windy afternoon we meet Cyclist of the Month Eske Scavenius on his way to work. Eske is 26 years old and always cycles in a suit to his work as a strategy consultant in the Rembrandt tower; Amsterdam’s tallest skyscraper (which is only 150 meters tall…).

Cycle Chic: Eske the consultant cycles in his suit to work

Eske did not become Cyclist of the Month for nothing: when offered a company car, Eske decided to take a ‘company bicycle’. So instead of driving a BMW, Eske ‘rides’ a Gazelle. Remarkable, but not unique. An increasing amount of companies in The Netherlands offer their employees a company bicycle. For Eske it was an obvious decision to take the bike, not only because he lives only a twenty minutes cycle from work, but also because he simply loves cycling more than sitting in a car. And above all, it’s much better for the environment.

Eske in his suit in front of Amsterdam's Rembrandt tower

Eske is a very proud bicycle owner. Instead of going for a trendy bicycle with a retro-appearance (very popular in Holland), he went for a modern take on the classical Dutch bike. He added a traditional leather Brooks saddle that forms itself in time around your buttocks. Who needs a BMW to be fancy!?

Eske enjoys his commute every single time, rain or shine. A large part of the cycle follows the river Amstel and gives him a view of Amsterdam’s skyline. And there is certainly no better way to enjoy such views than from a bicycle’s perspective, with the wind blowing through your hair.

Eske the strategy consultant cycling home from the Rembrandt towerEske cycling on a windy day in Amsterdam

Aude on a bike

My life on 2 wheels started 4 years ago when I decided to leave Brussels to join my boyfriend in Amsterdam. My first bike-buddy was brand new and pink one with no hand brakes, but pedal brakes: the Dutch way.

After learning to cycle in the busiest street of Amsterdam without a bell and without a foot on the ground, I could claim I didn’t belong to the tourist-community anymore!

My second buddy was old and green, a great one! He took me, or I took him 200km away.

green bike

It was my first holiday that started right outside my door. My boyfriend said: “3,2,1 … we are on holiday!” with no car, no plane, no boat, no train. In just 4 days we cycled with our everyday bike from Amsterdam to Friesland in the Northern parts of Holland. Sporty? Nope, never forget that Holland is as flat as a pancake!

bike in the wood

Cycling among windmills

This one is my husband’s bicycle, he took us to our civil wedding in Amsterdam. Seated behind my husband-to be, we cycled all the way through the city to join our families waiting for us on a boat. We couldn’t make it more romantic.

wedding on bike

After the big day we decided to travel around Asia for 5 months. We took some bicycle pics for our friend’s cycling blog

Today, my bike-buddy is blue, I’m already curious to see what will happen with this one…


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