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Cycling with high heels

Perfect day for a wide-brimmed hat

Hats are all the rage these days. Are you seeing them everywhere, too? Today was a great day for a hat. Typical Dutch weather that leaves you with the slightest chill. I just wonder if her hat stayed on her head the whole time, or did the wind blow it away at some point? Guess we’ll never know…
Perfect day for a wide-brimmed hat

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

Since December passed us by so quickly we are just now getting to share some big news. US-based urban cycling mag, Momentum Magazine, featured our very own Amsterdam Cycle Chic girls in their December issue. Joni and I wrote a brief article with tips about the best cycling city in the world, including a few pointers on “how to cycle like an Amsterdammer”. In the 2-page spread they also featured photos by us — and Aude’s shot of me for last year’s Cyclist of the Month was chosen for the cover! You can still download the December issue here.

We love opportunities like this. Sharing Amsterdam’s unique and amazing  — and all so normal at the same time — bike ‘culture’ with the world is one reason this blog exists. So keep on cycling chic, Amsterdam!

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

These boots are made for biking

It’s winter, so bring on the boots! Low boots, tall boots, boots with heels, cowboy boots–no matter the size, color or shape, Amsterdammers love their boots. Check out these Sunday boots on bikes…

These boots are made for biking

These boots are made for biking

These boots are made for biking

These boots are made for biking

Calm and cool

On one of the few ‘hills’ in Amsterdam, I watched this girl breeze down the Ceintuurbaan bridge. The wind blowing through her hair. No pedaling required. Just calm and content. And not to mention a rockin’ outfit! Super chic.
Calm and cool
by Meredith


Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Some off-road action before joining your best friends for a good old barbecue in the park. A favourite thing to do on summer nights in Amsterdam!

Red Bike Sunday

Red Bike Sunday

Red Bike Sunday
Red Bike Sunday

I have a red bike, so I’m always on the look-out for fellow red-bike-lovers. These three hip ladies all look spring-tastic on their red bikes! Listening to music, sporting the bright green bike bell and yellow pants, thigh-highs, skirts and heels–nice. Keep riding those red bikes!

by Meredith

a friendly Sunday

IMG_2132She’s on a bike, he’s on a board. Why not give a friend a helping hand?

Seems like he’s got the better end of the stick though, right?



Classy Sunday

Biking to the ball

Where is this well-clad couple heading? The opera? The ball? A wedding? Where ever it is, they’re getting there in style.
by Meredith


OV chic

by MeredithHeels, tights, and sub-zero weather–a great combination. This girl proves that you can still be chic on the OV Fiets.

But really, Amsterdam, who’s ready for spring?! I know I am.

by Meredith

Snow bunny days

by Meredith

I love this part of the winter, when the snow is frozen in your chains; stuck to the fender; caked on the rims. But I’m so thankful for the little fietspad snow plow that helps us stay cycling chic. Like, super sheeeeek.

By the way, cycle on over to Rotterdam’s IFFR, the best film fest in the world. I just got my tickets–first show is at 9h30 on 2 feb. Come on down, Amsterdammers!

by Meredith

Cyclist of the Month: ‘Miss Fair Fashion’ Marieke

Meet ‘Miss fair fashion’ Marieke Eyskoot: her mission is to make fair fashion normal in the Netherlands. “For me fashion is a way to celebrate life. I love it! But it should also be nice for the people who make it. I can’t enjoy clothes that people made in terrible working conditions.” For many years people have asked Marieke where they can buy fair fashion, what to look out for when shopping, easy things they can do for a more ‘fair lifestyle’ and if a fair lifestyle isn’t too expensive? Those questions made Marieke decide to write the book ‘Talking Dress- Vertelt je alles over eerlijke kleding (en lifestyle)’ that was recently published.
talking dress 1 by Aude
‘Talking Dress’ is a guide –written in Dutch – to a fair lifestyle in the Netherlands and Belgium. The book shows you the way to your own fair fashion lifestyle. Ranging from shopping tips to DIY-tricks, from washing instructions to swapping ideas, from clothes to accessories, beauty products, food and even marriage: Talking Dress makes it easy (and fun!) to do good and look great at the same time.
beter en leuk by Aude
We love Marieke’s book and know that she uses her bike every day, so we asked her for an interview. We met in the lovely fair lunchroom and boutique ‘Beter & Leuk’ on the Eerste Oosterparkstraat.

Marieke and her bike

“This interview is a tribute to my bike. I bought it second hand in 1996 for 100 guilders and I have cycled it daily through the streets of Amsterdam since then.” The frame is from 1967 and it is a classical black Gazelle Dutch bike. But after more than 40 years some essential parts can’t be repaired anymore. So Marieke has to get a new bike. The decision of which bike to get was an easy one; “A Roetz bike of course!” Roetz’ bikes are sustainable and fair bikes made in the Netherlands. (Read more about Roetz on our blog).
talking dress 3 by Aude
“I love to cycle and I use my bike every day, to go to my office, to meetings, to go out and to go for cycles in the weekend. I like to go fast on my bike. It is a great break every day to cycle in between the many meetings, phone calls and long hours behind a computer. The movement, the wind or sun and just being outside for a while make me feel relaxed. When I pass bridges I always slow down a bit, to enjoy the beautiful city and look at the water.”

“I can still clearly remember the moment I learned to cycle. I was with my father practising in the street where I grew up. I was cycling and he was running beside me, holding me. Suddenly I heard him quite far behind me shouting ‘I am not holding you anymore!’ and from that moment on, I could cycle on my own!”

talking dress 2 by Aude

Text by Joni – Pictures by Aude


Tres Sexy Sunday

by Meredith I was in Paris this weekend and couldn’t help but notice all the girls on bikes!  Très sexy! Looks like the Velibe bike share system is getting put to good use. I tried it too! It’s amazing how much smaller the city became when riding a bike. Plus, the first 30 minutes are free! Fantastique! 

by Meredith

by Meredith
by Meredith
by Meredith
by Meredith

Blonde Sunday

by MeredithAs these days are getting shorter and shorter, does it also seem like skirts and shorts are getting shorter and shorter, too?! Just another reminder that Amsterdammers cycle chic.

by Meredith

Fall colors in Amsterdam

by Meredith
by Meredith
by Meredith

One thing the Dutch love to talk about is the weather. I hear these conversations all day long. Such a lovely time of year in this city. The leaves of course are the highlight. All the oranges and yellows. Bring your layers though and get out your gloves: this is the time of year the weather can’t decide on anything.

I joined a local yoga studio and in one of the classes, the instructor spoke about the fall; that it’s a time to reflect inward and, like the trees, change your inner color, express yourself in a different way, and maybe think about shedding something you’ve been holding on to for a while. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit because I can’t seem to pin something down. What could I let go of? Maybe I should be vegan again. Become a tea drinker. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just think about it more and get back to you.

For now, I just looooove riding my bike in this city…

by Meredith

Dashing Sunday

by MeredithDoesn’t she look stunning? What a classy look. And a big smile to boot. Wouldn’t expect anything less from the cyclists on Van Baerlestraat!

by Meredith

Cyclist of the Month – New Team Member Meredith

Amsterdam cycle chic

Aude: Where are you from?

Meredith: I am originally from the beautiful Central Coast of California. I first moved to Rotterdam in December 2010, when I just finished urban planning studies at UC Berkeley, and my husband was accepted to graduate school at Erasmus. Now we live in Amsterdam, since July ’12, and totally love it here.

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Aude: How do find living in Amsterdam?

Meredith: Of course I dearly miss our friends and family, but our Dutch life is easy to love. I have totally fallen for this city; there’s always something to see, a new adventure every day, a gezellig café to try, and of course, riding a bicycle is so easy and so chic. On the side, I have my own photo blog about our life and travels here called Dutch Pancake.

Amsterdam cycle chic

Amsterdam cycle chic

Aude: Tell us the story about your bike.

Meredith: It was love at first site. I named her Rosa. She is a second-hand Batavus Old Dutch from a bike shop in the Pijp.  I added the bike shelf thingie and a second-hand basket from my favorite vintage store on Vijzelstraat.

Aude: How did you find us and why?

Meredith: I met the guy behind Copenhagen Cycle Chic at an event at the Pakhuis and he introduced me to Joni. As an urban planner and cycling fiend (and photography enthusiast), it just seemed natural to be a part of this cycle chic movement. Any way I can promote cycling to the world–I’m in!

Aude: Well, welcome! We’re glad to have you join us!

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Pictures of Meredith by Aude – Pictures of bike & text by Meredith

Sexy Sunday

by Meredith

Added benefit of cycling everyday: nice legs. Pairs perfectly with super short shorts, black tights, and studded booties.

Show it off ladies!

by Meredith

Bike Fashion Show in Budapest

As  we wrote in our previous post, the absolute highlight of the Cycle Chic Conference in Budapest last weekend, was the Bicycle Fashion Show. When you think of a fashion show, you think of a catwalk, spotlights, photographers, press, and beautiful models. That was all the case in Budapest. But the models in the fashion show were very special. Not only did they walk the catwalk with (their own) bicycles, but also, they were not professional models, but just normal people that love cycling in their city, Budapest.

The models had been spotted on the streets and subscribed themselves to participate in the fashion show. The goal was to show the beauty of cycling, that cycling is for everyone and that you can wear the clothes you love the most while cycling. No need for lycra of sport gear.

Check out Budapest’s stylish cyclists!

Budapest bike model

Budapest bike model

Budapest bike model
Waiting for the show to start

Budapest bike model
posing for the cameras

Escapade à pAris

The cycle chic team has been travelling a lot in Europa during the summer. Lately Aude and her sister were invited by their mum to go to pAris! Of course they rented a velib’ to move around. And they met many locals on a velib’ too. Here you can see a girl on high heels…
Paris talons by Aude
Guys chatting on Pompidou square…
Paris Pompidou by Aude
Some youngsters heading for a party…
pAris by night by Aude

Cycling is getting more and more popular here so many people have their own 2 wheels. Look at these:

Frenchy on a race bike…
Paris race by Aude
Dude on lady’s bike…
Paris mocassins by Aude
Girl on a city bike with basket…
Paris lunettes by aude
The trio Aude-sister-mum have been cycling through the whole of pAris. They came to see the exhibition “Panorama” from Gerhard Richter on the top floor of centre Pompidou. Dedicated to modern and contemporary art, le centre Pompidou is a place you can’t miss if you are interested in art. This painting called “le vélo” is from Alain Séchas, it is part of the permanent collection of the Museum.
le vélo de Séchas by Aude

Cycle Chic – The Book

Mr. Cycle Chic and founder of the entire Cycle Chic Republic, Mikael Colville-Anderson, made a book full of pictures of chic cyclists from all over the world. It is called ‘Cycle Chic’ and published by Thames & Hudson.

Cycle Chic Book by Mikael Colville-Andersen

Cycling with umbrella

Rainy Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic by Mikael Colville-Andersen

If I can bicycle, I bicycle

With colourful images Mikael takes you around the globe and shows you how people enjoy cycling through their cities and look fashionable at the same time. There are pictures from his Copenhagen and from our Amsterdam, but also from many other cities from all over the world.
Hungarian Cycle Chic Budapest

Colourful Cycle Chic in London and Paris

Paris and London

Dublin Cycle Chic


Coffee To Go


Wanna see more?

Bike trunk

Amsterdam cycle chic

Picture by Barbara

Style and Speed

In the Cycle Chic Republic it is all about Style over Speed. In Amsterdam it generally is, you do not see that many sporty cyclists in the city that just want to go as fast as possible. What you do see are stylish speedy cyclists. They wear normal clothes, they cycle a Dutch bike, but they are going really fast! Probably late for a date, or just work, or a boring meeting or maybe their kids are waiting to be picked up from school…

Style and Speed - de Hermitage Ayolt

Style and Speed - Canal Ayolt

Style and Speed - Amsterdam Bridge

pictures by Ayolt

City sunset

City sunset by Aude by amsterdamcyclechic
City sunset by Aude, a photo by amsterdamcyclechic on Flickr.

As everybody is sitting on all terraces of Amsterdam these days, we believe it is the last time for months that this girl will be wearing her (hopefully fake) fur coat!

Red bicycle day

It’s Red Bicycle Day in the Cycle Chic Republic. Check out the pics from all over the world.
‘The sun never sets in the Cycle Chic Republic’

Copenhagen, Denmark

Red Ride

Red Match

Red Ride

L'américaine et sa bicyclette à Copenhague

Sevilla, Spain
Salón con bicicleta 1

Salón con bicicleta



Amsterdam, The Netherlands
red Dutch bike - Amsterdam Cycle Chic by Aude

Barcelona, Spain
Bicing girl


Lisbon, Portugal




Caracas, Venezuela


P9170130amiguitos en Quíbor

Vienna, Austria
Let the sun shine through your heart

passing meinl

Berlin, Germany

De paseo por la ciudad.

Pedaleando en Ciudad Universitaria.

Graz, Austria
Red Bike

Montreal, Canada
mon vélo rouge en hiver

Sydney, Australia
lego 7541

bikes on bourke street

blue shoes, red bike

Cardiff, Great Britain


Budapest, Hungary






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