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Red, white & blue – Happy fourth of July!

The American colours flew high and proud on this warm summers night in Amsterdam.

Friday evening brought together sunshine, bbq-ing, some friends and soccer (it is world cup season after all) in Amsterdam. I bumped into the friendly guys at Hygge Life (pronounced Hoo-ga life) who cycled their pimped up poffertje bak-fiets to the local park full of their spiffy cooking gear and delicious gourmet ingredients – and were ready to serve all the peckish patrons in the park. You can turn a bicycle into a thriving business it seems!

Alex and her partner Koen, both itty-bitty-pancake-poffertje masterchefs are warming up their gas cookers and Hygge bus engine for a 3 month road trip around Europe enjoying the summertime and making poffertjes for locals and holidayers along the way. A trip of a lifetime!

For all you readers around Spain and France..keep your eye out for these delicious little pancakes!

..good luck guys!







4thJuly_Red_White_Blue copy

4thJuly_Alex_cooking copy



By Mel


Instamonth: June’s top 10 Instagram pics

June, the month that the summer started, that the parks are everyone’s favourite places to be, and the month that the city turned orange because of the World Cup.

Check out Amsterdam Cycle Chic’s top 10 of June’s Instagram pics:

1. Daily life in Amsterdam; cycling together on one bike to work

2. Good morning Amsterdam, cycling along the Amstel river

3. Lady cycling on the skinny bridge

4. Dutch girl in orange wearing her bike chain as a belt

5. Cycling in the Vondelpark

6. Bridges are the Dutch hills

7. Cool hair!

8. A rose for your girlfriend?

9. Last phone call and then the weekend really starts

10. Cargo bike parking sign at the Beatrixpark

Are you already following us on Instagram? You should, if you want to learn more about Amsterdam’s cycling culture and enjoy the diversity of cyclists and bikes in Amsterdam’s streets. Every month we will post the most liked Instagram shots here on our blog.

Office views

I am lucky that the social enterprise JO Cadeau that I founded has its headquarters (and to be honest, only quarters) in this amazing building by Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck. It is an anti-squat arrangement; you pay very little and rent a space in a building that would otherwise be empty or occupied by squatters. It is great. It is in the city centre, in the old Jewish neighbourhood. The only disadvantage is that you can suddenly be ‘kicked out’ when the building is sold.

I want to show you some essential parts of my days at the office, the view at the Hollandsche Schouwburg, the building and my great businesspartner Josje.

Plantage Middenlaan

My office

Plantage Middenlaan

My view

Lady on bike Amsterdam

My businesspartner

For lunch I love to go out to get some bread and nice Dutch cheeses that we eat all together (interns, freelancers and ourselves) in our office. When outside, I look at the cyclists. It is a diverse scenery at the Plantage Middenlaan. Check it out:

Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Amsterdam tourist cycling

Amsterdam cycling


by Joni

Cyclist of the month : Massy, the ice cream delivery man

Born in Afganistan in the 80’s, Massy and his family moved to the Netherlands more than 20 years ago. As a child he discovered the Dutch culture, he learned to cycle straight away and felt in love with this way of moving around. He likes the feeling of being independent on his bike, to be free to go everywhere and to breathe the fresh air.. He never went back to Afghanistan but he is pretty sure the bicycle is not as popular as it is here !
Amsterdam cycle chic
Massy is living in Utrecht. A few months ago, a friend inspired him to start a new business. His friend was selling ice creams on his delivery bike.

He couldn’t stop thinking this idea was very good and would be much appreciated by all the Amsterdammers !
So he just started with one of his mates a new company on wheels : (site still under construction)
Amsterdam cycle chic
They have 2 ice cream delivery bikes, one is mostly cycling in Amsterdam North, while the other one goes around Amsterdam East. They offer our most beloved flavors : vanilla (in pole position !) strawberry and chocolate, or pistache, or lemon, etc
Amsterdam cycle chic
Massy loves selling ice creams. The reason is very simple: he is happy to make people smile. It is related to what makes him happy in life : « to help people in every way I can help ». He is already doing so since a long time as he has worked many years for Amnesty International and other NGOs. He also initiated this nice project Massy’s dream is « to have a positive influence in the development of the human kind ».

Amsterdam cycle chic

Reportage by Aude

I was happy to meet Massy and to taste his delicious ice creams while enjoying the Oosterpark with my little baby.

Let’s see what he will offer us in the winter : broodjes, soup ?

Business delivery

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

I just loved these blues-brother-like guys, appearing on the borders of the Amstel river. It made me wonder, though: are they just colleagues on their way to have a drink or is this a smart dressed entrepreneur, taking his client out for lunch to one of the nicer restaurants on the borders of the Amstel. In any case, you must have a good deal of self-confidence to sit on the front seat of a bike like this, because a clumsy fall of the bike in front of a fully occupied terrace does not really match with this cool image!

3 bikes that made me smile

This May is very grey. It is cold, rainy and windy. Luckily some people make the city less grey by pimping their bikes. They paint them, decorate them with flowers, or other objects.
These are my three favourite bikes of this month:

Bicycle decorated with rubber duckies

Rubber Duckie Bike

Amsterdam bike

Colourful Tape Bike

Amsterdam Bakfiets

Piggy Cargo Bike

Ladies with babies

Family cycling - Amsterdam

Baby in child seat on bike

Before kids can cycle themselves, they have already been on a bike many times. Dads and mums take them in a carrier, a child seat or in the cargo bike and cycle them around. To daycare, to the supermarker or just for a relaxed ride through town. Kids love it. You see them looking around, enjoying the speed when cycling down a bridge or just sleeping like angels.

by Joni

bakfiets mum

Child in child seat

Merry Christmas!

It’s never too late to go out there on your bike and get back home with the last tree from the very friendly Californian Christmas-tree-man located on Marie Heinekenplein.

Season greetings, the ACC Team.

Christmas Tree by Aude

by Aude

Cycle Piet!

by Meredith

Happy Sinterklaas!

I was a lucky girl this morning. I woke up to one of those Dutch organs playing the Sinterklaasje song–at 8 o’clock in the morning. I stumbled over to my balcony only to learn that Sint was coming! I had the best view, too. A million small children lined the alleyway and were waiting for Sint. He finally came, escorted by cycling Zwarte Pieten and he himself was on a motorbike! Maybe the white horse was ill?

Are you celebrating Sinterklaas tonight? I have my poem ready and the zuurkool is on the stove!

by Meredith

sinterklaas celebration

piet on a bike

sinterklaas and piet on a bikesinterklaas celebration

by Meredith


Cyclist of the month: Ed, coolest Opa ever!

Ed is born in Assendelft. He moved with his sweet wife Ellie to Amsterdam in the 60’s where they got 3 daughters. Ed retired 8 years ago after having served as a social worker for 30 years. Next to his work, Ed has always been a big collector. He used to pile baskets on his bakfiets and cycle all over Amsterdam, looking for pieces of bikes, etc.
Ed1 by Aude
As you can see, both house and bicycle storage contain huge collections of all kinds of items Amsterdammers ever left on the street…
Ed2 by Aude
One day, Ed and his wife were asked by their daughter to look after her newborn twins: Ines and Sofia. Ed’s daughter is a graphic designer and works full time from home. She is very good by the way, see here.
As they live on opposite sides of Amsterdam, Ed had to find a solution to go and get Ines and Sofia twice a week.
So 1,5 year ago, Ed decided to give a new life to his bakfiets. He removed the pile of baskets and made this unique creation to carry this precious duo:
Ed3 by Aude
The bakfiets itself is actually older than Ed himself! But, as Ed likes to put it: «this sort of quality is nowhere to be found anymore these days».
As you can imagine, they do not go unnoticed. Many tourists as well as locals have already got a snap of them!

Don’t think this is the only bakfiets redesigned by Ed. He has one more, a very special one:
Ed4 by Aude Ed5 by Aude

This is a picture he took of another of his daughters with some more grandkids:Ed6 by AudeThis bakfiets has a nice story :Ed7 by AudeTranslation : «The story started with my friend Henk. A long time ago he made a bakfiets in the form of a bible. He used to cycle around Amsterdam with it for years. He also set up the bakfietsclub of Amsterdam. I became myself the chairman, secretary and treasurer. Henk passed away a few years ago. It seemed that his last wish was to be buried in his bible. So we drove him in his bakfiets to his last resting place. Henk’s daughters offered me the undercarriage of the bakfiets. In his attic, Henk still kept a float of a waterplane;just to have something to sail away with, in case a deluge would ever occur. We have then installed the float on the bakfiets and it is still on it today.» Ed Koomen.

Ed8 by Aude

Ed9 by Aude Ed10 by Aude

Ed never had a car, he is a member of the cyclist union Fietsersbond. He is a real Dutch man; healthy and happy to cycle! Inspired by the Roman times, his motto is «veni, vidie, fietsie».

Ines and Sofia : enjoy the ride!

Ed11 by Aude

Reportage by Aude

PS : As it’s never too late to start learning Dutch, here you go: Opa = grandfather and bakfiets = delivery bike


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