Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Family cycling

Back to school with Cleo, our junior cyclist!

Feeling excited
and off she goes on her way to her first day at school, taking her doll with her.. Well done Cleo!!
Special thank to her mother Evelyn for the pictures

Daddy Day (papadag)

Nowadays, when a baby is born, it is not only the mother who switches from full time to part time work, but also Daddy works less. Many modern Dutch fathers want to actively participate in raising their kids. So the phenomenon of the ‘Daddy Day (papadag)’ came into existence; one fixed day a week, it is Daddy time! Also in my little family we embrace this trend. We both work four days a week and Friday is our Daddy Day. That is the day that my boyfriend hangs around in the playground playing with our son and drinking coffee from is thermos, that they visit my grandma-in-law or that they meet up with his friends and kids who also have a Daddy Day on Friday.

daddyday5 by aude
Father and daughter cycling #daddyday #nofilter #amsterdam #cycling #growingupinholland #dutchbike #bikeseat #familycycling #bicicleta #cyclechic
daddyday4 by aude
Father and daughter on a bike #daddyday #dutchbike #growingupinholland #bicicleta #cycling #amsterdam #Vondelpark
daddyday6 by aude
daddyday1 by aude
Father and son, walking with a #dutchbike #daddyday #papadag #growingupinholland #amsterdam #cycling #cyclechic #bicicleta #father #childcare
Family cycling; father with three kids on a cargo bike #daddyday #bakfiets #cargobike #growingupinholland #familycycling #Dutch

On Daddy Day, mom is at work, sometimes wanting to join in the fun, but most of the time just being happy that Daddy and child are having a great time together.

– Text: Joni – Photos: Aude, Joni and Laura

Hop hop hop

How to get ready for a ride with your kid?

hop1 by aude
Lift her

hop2 by aude
Sit her

hop3 by aude
And attach her!

by Aude

Instamonth: May’s top 10 Instagram pictures

Are you already following us on Instagram? You should, if you want to learn more about Amsterdam’s cycling culture and enjoy the diversity of cyclists and bikes in Amsterdam’s streets. Every month we will post the most liked Instagram shots here on our blog.

This is the top 10 of May:

1. Dog in crate

2. Mother and sons

3. Father and son

4. Eating an apple while cycling in the rain

5. Rainy day cycling

6. Bike parking Amsterdam central station

7. Flower pants

8. Google likes bikes

9. Mother with cargo bike and kids

10. Now that is Cycle Chic, sir!

Plane vs bike

Cycling to the park with your father, cool! Even more so, cause you can bring your new toy too. A model plane! The fastest in it’s sort, you know..
.. At least, way faster than your own bike! image
Daddy enjoys as well, following son and model plane on one and a half bike.
Thank you Wimpie for sending us this reportage!


by Wimpie

‘Papa poule’

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Admitted, I am a native French speaker so if you translate the title of today’s post literally, it means: Chicken Daddy. Just like a Chicken Mummy would do with her little ones, this French expression hints at a daddy that is very protective with his kid(s). Very much like this father who seems to be also quite involved in the education/protection of his progeniture.. Vive les ‘papa poule’!

Driving home for Christmas

Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Cycling faster to be the first home for Christmas Eve!

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Your first bicycle

Can’t start young enough, right? These young children are hard to keep up with. Did you know a run bicycle like these supports the development of a child’s balance, motor skills and self-confidence?

girl with bicycle

boy with bicycle

This post is by our guestblogger Nienke Laan. Nienke is an Amsterdam based photographer. She also works as a researcher at the Amsterdam City Council. Doing research about many topics, and one of them… cycling of course!

Double Dutch

When it comes to cycling the Dutch love to double up. Especially on chilly, wintery days like today, it seems like the only way to get around is to jump on the back on your friend’s bike and snuggle up close.  Or hop on a tandem like the adorable cutie-pie in the last pic! Don’t lose those flowers!

Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch


It is the time of the year again that all kids in Nothern Europe get really excited. Why? Because Santa Claus is coming to town! Sinterklaas is a lively tradition in Northern Europe. The legend goes that Sinterklaas, who lives in Spain, arrives by steamboat over the Amstel River every year. Reason for all parents to get their kids on the bike and follow this happy proceeding alongside the shores of the river.
sint1 by aude
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Here he comes, Sinterklaas!
Amsterdam Cycle Chic

And here they go again, sometimes I suspect some parents to be even more exited than their kids!
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Amsterdam Cycle Chic

This year the Sinterklaas tradition got a lot of attention from all over the world. Not for a positive reason, though. There has been a big controversy about Santa’s helpers, the ‘Black Peters’. Some think of it as a tradition that lacks respect to these nice ‘Zwarte Pieten’. You can read all about it in the NY times, the Washington post or even Aljazeera. Here are some ‘Zwarte Pieten’ on roller blades:
Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Anyway, I don’t feel like taking any position. All I want to do is to share the joy of the kids and the devotion of their parents, carrying them on their bikes:

Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Amsterdam Cycle Chic
And, last but not least, a picture of my very sweet niece carrying a letter for Sinterklaas himself…

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude


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