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3 ways to cycle together

This is what sunny Sunday afternoons are for: cycling together. And how do you cycle together? Ask any Amsterdammer and you’ll get a variety of options. Of course there’s the classic side-by-side cycle. Then there’s the other classic double: two people, one bike. Then there’s the more acrobatic version of doubling, standing on the back rack (popular among the youngsters).

What else? How else can you cycle together?

3 ways to cycle together
3 ways to cycle together
3 ways to cycle together

Sunday smiles

Sunday smiles


We all know that cycling makes us smile. Even in the winter cold, when you and a friend are side by side on bikes (maybe talking about last night’s escapades?) it’s like that chill running up your sleeves just disappears.

Or so we think, right?


Lovebird dialogue #17

Lovebird dialogue #17

Boy: Thank god the rain stopped!
Girl: Don’t you just loooove this Dutch weather?
Boy: Totally. But not as much as I love you, you cute little pumpkin!
Girl: [Laughs]
Boy: No, seriously, you look like a pumpkin with your orange pants!

A pink pants weekend!

Did you see the Pride parade on the canals this Saturday? Those boats were incredible! In between the fabulous drag shows, feathered boas, winged costumes, glitter and glam–some people managed to keep their pants on this weekend at Amsterdam Pride. And when they did, it was nothing but pink!

A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!

by Meredith

A lazy Sunday

A lazy ride
When you get tired of riding your bike, what do you do? Looks like this gal picked up a cute guy boat and threw her bike aboard, away they went down the canals. How romantic!

by Meredith

Sunday Snuggle

by MeredithSnowy days are perfect for snuggling up to your loved one. Even on a bike! ♥

by Meredith

Flirty Sunday

by Meredith

by MeredithFlirt tip #17: Get a cute dog. And like a good-sized one (nothing against little dogs!). Put him in your bike basket. Roll up to cute blondes. Make them smile.

Now that’s a flirty Sunday.

by Meredith

Love and sun

love and sun by Aude

by Aude

Love and Sun: this is what I wish you all for this Valentine’s day!

Romantic Sunday

by Meredith
I love how cycling is a social thing in this city. And what can be more romantic than cycling along side your honey. This stylish duo sets a high standard for riding side-by-side. Lovely.

by Meredith

Seriously stylish

Seriously stylish by Aude

by Aude

Most people in Amsterdam are stylish: green parka for him, red lipstick for her. So it goes for these hipsters and they seem to be quite serious about their looks!

Must be a good book

must be a good book by Aude

by Aude

I guess some people are really happy with their Christmas presents! Look at her, she is reading her book on the back of a bike, I just had the time to read the title: “Congo“. Now I know which book I will ask next time I receive a present..

Happy birthday to us!

Today our blog is 1 year old! Let’s celebrate it and choose the best picture of the year…all 4 of us (Joni, Else, Meredith and Aude) picked our 2 favorite pictures. Now it is your turn to choose your favorite one among our selection and enter the contest:

Father and son:
Father and son by Else

Sexy sunday:
by Meredith

Dreaming away:
dreaming away by Aude

Business man:
Business man by Aude

Good laugh:
good laugh by Aude

Japanese scenery:
japanese scenery II by Aude

Ed3 by Aude

by Meredith

Have you made your choice? Please let us know (comment below) or on facebook.
You may be the lucky one winning this saddle cover! There are 3 saddle covers to win, we will pick randomly 3 people who shared their choice with don’t miss it, you have until Friday 21st december!

saddle cap pink to win saddle cap pink to win saddle cap pink to win

Fall colors in Amsterdam

by Meredith
by Meredith
by Meredith

One thing the Dutch love to talk about is the weather. I hear these conversations all day long. Such a lovely time of year in this city. The leaves of course are the highlight. All the oranges and yellows. Bring your layers though and get out your gloves: this is the time of year the weather can’t decide on anything.

I joined a local yoga studio and in one of the classes, the instructor spoke about the fall; that it’s a time to reflect inward and, like the trees, change your inner color, express yourself in a different way, and maybe think about shedding something you’ve been holding on to for a while. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit because I can’t seem to pin something down. What could I let go of? Maybe I should be vegan again. Become a tea drinker. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just think about it more and get back to you.

For now, I just looooove riding my bike in this city…

by Meredith

Dashing Sunday

by MeredithDoesn’t she look stunning? What a classy look. And a big smile to boot. Wouldn’t expect anything less from the cyclists on Van Baerlestraat!

by Meredith

Hitchin’ a ride

by Meredith

I think this photo truly captures the strong, independent, and do-it-all mentality of Dutch women. Totally fantastic. You can give a man a ride on the back of your bike, purse on arm, and sport your leopard gloves, too.

It’s not easy giving a ride — and it takes practice. I completely fell over the first time I tried to give a ride. Ended up just sitting on the back like this guy. I’ll keep trying though!

by Meredith


Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

We often hear it is good to do activities TWOgether as a couple. So why not cycle on a tandem? So romantic… Do you think they are listening to the same music?!

Amsterdam from above

Sunday it was ‘Open Monuments Day‘, the perfect day to discover buildings that you pass every day on your bike but you never see from the inside. One of the buildings we visited was the ‘Muiderpoort‘, an old gate and former entrance to the city where people had to pay toll. Nowadays it is the office of the Association of Dutch Tax Advisors. From the top of the gate we had a nice view over the area and over the cyclists passing by on a exceptionally warm September day.

Bikes in Amsterdam

Cyclists holding hands

Cyclists and their shadow

Amsterdam cycling

Family cycling

Amsterdam Cyclists


The Flying Pigeon Bicycle

This charming little short film has been directed by Adrian Buitenhuis to promote the Flying Pigeon Bicycle, a north American based bike company. Just sit back and enjoy almost 3 minutes of pure romance. Having seen such images, you just want to get outside and enjoy the indian summer.

Waiting for his date

Amsterdam cycle chic
When waiting for your date to arrive, why not sit on the back of your bike?
That is what this guy did while playing around with his mobile.
And he might just have been texting her!

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Groom going to the church

Amsterdam cycle chicThose pictures were taken yesterday, at a beautiful Dutch wedding of friends where the groom had the great idea to cycle to the church with his family and best friends..Amsterdam cycle chicLast minutes of ‘single-life’ on 2 wheels, how cool!

Amsterdam cycle chic

Pictures taken by Aemilia

Bohemian style

Amsterdam cycle chic

Pictures taken

papa by Aude

by Aude

First I got the mother cycling by with her 2 kids (she is holding one against her chest). And few bikes later, appeared the daddy, carrying all the necessary for a day at the park…What a cool bohemian style!

Jump on the back of my bike

Jump on the back, on the back of my bike
And I don’t know where we’re going, and I don’t care about that
Jump on the back of my bike and we will leave together
And I don’t know where we’re going, but that doesn’t matter because I know the way

These are freely translated the lyrics of a popular song called Bagagedrager (rear carrier). Check out the video clip full of trendy Dutch bikes.

In the video you see guys impressing girls with their bicycles. The song is about how nice and romantic it is to cycle together on one bike. This video is also the perfect illustration of the Dutch trend of having a ladies’ bike as a man. What do you need a crossbar for anyhow?

Wishing you a LOVEly new year!

Our best wishes: forget everyone around you and kiss on your bike..

love on bike

Jikkies_by Aude

Aude on a bike

My life on 2 wheels started 4 years ago when I decided to leave Brussels to join my boyfriend in Amsterdam. My first bike-buddy was brand new and pink one with no hand brakes, but pedal brakes: the Dutch way.

After learning to cycle in the busiest street of Amsterdam without a bell and without a foot on the ground, I could claim I didn’t belong to the tourist-community anymore!

My second buddy was old and green, a great one! He took me, or I took him 200km away.

green bike

It was my first holiday that started right outside my door. My boyfriend said: “3,2,1 … we are on holiday!” with no car, no plane, no boat, no train. In just 4 days we cycled with our everyday bike from Amsterdam to Friesland in the Northern parts of Holland. Sporty? Nope, never forget that Holland is as flat as a pancake!

bike in the wood

Cycling among windmills

This one is my husband’s bicycle, he took us to our civil wedding in Amsterdam. Seated behind my husband-to be, we cycled all the way through the city to join our families waiting for us on a boat. We couldn’t make it more romantic.

wedding on bike

After the big day we decided to travel around Asia for 5 months. We took some bicycle pics for our friend’s cycling blog

Today, my bike-buddy is blue, I’m already curious to see what will happen with this one…


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