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Skies out, thighs out!

And wow, the skies this weekend were hot, hot, hot! This tropical weather come from out of nowhere–but I’ll take it. And top it with some short shorts, dresses, and skirts. The shorter the better these days!

Despite the heat and humidity, Amsterdammers were still on their bikes, showing off their stems–and of course full of style!




Bier vs cerveza

Holland vs Argentina. Let’s see how this World cup semi-finals will end up today..
In any case, have a beer!

bier vs cerveza by aude

by Aude

Red, white & blue – Happy fourth of July!

The American colours flew high and proud on this warm summers night in Amsterdam.

Friday evening brought together sunshine, bbq-ing, some friends and soccer (it is world cup season after all) in Amsterdam. I bumped into the friendly guys at Hygge Life (pronounced Hoo-ga life) who cycled their pimped up poffertje bak-fiets to the local park full of their spiffy cooking gear and delicious gourmet ingredients – and were ready to serve all the peckish patrons in the park. You can turn a bicycle into a thriving business it seems!

Alex and her partner Koen, both itty-bitty-pancake-poffertje masterchefs are warming up their gas cookers and Hygge bus engine for a 3 month road trip around Europe enjoying the summertime and making poffertjes for locals and holidayers along the way. A trip of a lifetime!

For all you readers around Spain and France..keep your eye out for these delicious little pancakes!

..good luck guys!







4thJuly_Red_White_Blue copy

4thJuly_Alex_cooking copy



By Mel


Cyclist of the Month… our new team member, Mel

Mel traded her sunscreen for an umbrella when she moved from Sydney to Amsterdam. It was love at first sight! Mel works at Marcel Wanders, has a Dutch florist boyfriend and is now part of our team!
Mel WhelanWhy did you move to Amsterdam?
“It kinda all started with the bikes. That fateful day in May when I stepped out at Schiphol and placed my feet on the ground it was love. There and then. Wheels, blonde-coloured locks and the sounds of bells whizzed by me as I walked along busy Leidseplein, transfixed by the beautiful ornate shapes of the buildings that surrounded me…the winding canals and the verdant tufts of grass in every park – a sight living in the often drought-stricken Sydney that you’d sometimes take for granted.

60 minutes later, I decided to stay. So I quit my job, cancelled my return ticket home, survived on tuna and cookies and started accumulating my new wardrobe at Ij Hallen each month looking forward to my new life (in killer 50 cents pumps). Sometimes you just know.”
Mel Whelan
What do you do in your daily life?
“I spend my time working as a project manager at Marcel Wanders, being surround by inspiring design all day, Learning Dutch (ik ben Nederlands aan het leren), travelling, crafting, shooting and of course my favourite pastime, cycling around town and exploring”

Did you cycle in Sydney too?
Yes! However a girl needs gears in Sydney to get around all those hills we have. Amsterdam is a joy to ride in – super flat terrain.
Mel Whelan

What is your bike like?
It is a classic Amsterdam ‘Oma Fiets’ (Granny Bike). I bought it as a present to myself for landing my first job. I attached a vintage wooden crate from the flower markets and hand-tied loads of flowers (naturally). I often catch tourists sitting on her taking pictures! Flowers and bikes. Born to be together.
Mel WhelanWhy do you want to be a blogger at Amsterdam Cycle Chic?
“I shoot as much as I can – capturing how amazing this city is. As a foreigner I see things in such a fresh and optimistic light – the snow, the rain, the mode of daily transport, the people, the bars, the language and the truly unique way of living here.

To cut a long story short. I’m keen. I moved here to be part of something, this blog post facilitates me to do that and to share my view.”
Mel WhelanWe are happy to have you in our team, Mel!


Follow us on Instagram!

For the ones that did not know yet, we are on instagram, so you can follow us here!
You will see more cycling and more of the Amsterdam cycle chic team..

See you there! xx  Joni, Meredith, Aude and.. ? new member soon!

Aude #cyclechic #redlight


Want to join our team?

Want to join our team?

We are looking to add someone to the Amsterdam Cycle Chic blogging team!

What we’re looking for:

  • Someone enthusiastic about cycling and Amsterdam
  • 1 blog post per week, about 3 hours per week
  • Someone who can take pretty good photos of cyclists

Are you interested? Read more information here (pdf). For consideration, we’d like you to email us (

  • a short introduction of yourself
  • tell us why you want to join the team
  • include a fake blog post, complete with 2-3 photos

The deadline is quick! Submit before April 11th (next Friday)!

Bye bye winter hat

Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Even if burgundy is a color that suits you,
Amsterdam Cycle ChicIt is time to take off your winter hat..Amsterdam Cycle chicSome already did remove it because they feel spring is finally there!

amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Rainbow perspective

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Multi coloured lenses are fashionable, with rainbow bright colours changing the perspective of all fashionistas!


Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Happy Carnival to all you cyclists out there! xoxo Superwoman

Dread Inna Babylon


In this case, the title really says it all.. Thanks Corentin, for this cool pic. Well spotted !

The ‘Fietsersbond’

The ‘Fietsersbond’ is the Dutch cyclist organisation. Yes, even in a country where bikes rule the streets, you need an organisation that makes sure that cycling is safe for everyone and stays the preferred mode of transport. Because, imagine what would happen if the Dutch would stop cycling and all get into a car or use public transport… that would mean the whole historic city of Amsterdam, with its narrow streets and bridges, would turn into one big traffic jam!

Waiting for boat to pass

That is why I am a proud member of the Fietserbond and I think all cycling Amsterdammers should be.

The Fietsersbond does a lot of things like:

  • They lobby for safer cycling conditions; like sharing bike lanes with scooters, lighten up cycling lanes that are too dark at night and change unsafe cycling paths or junctions
  • They started a bike school, for young people, elderly or immigrants who want to learn how to cycle
  • On their website you can post your cycling problems; dangerous junctions, potholes, a lack of bike parking space etc.
  • They have a very user friendly route planner for cycling routes in the Netherlands
dutch cyclists organisation

Dutch cyclists federation

In Amsterdam the lobby against sharing the bike lanes with scooters has been very strong, I think that all Amsterdammers on bikes agree that it doesn’t feel safe to share the lane with the much faster riding scooters. Other important issues that the Fietsersbond lobbies for are bike parking spaces and seperated cycling lanes.

Style and Speed - Amsterdam Bridge Ayolt

I also enjoy being a member of the Fietsersbond because of their cool magazine ‘Vogelvrije fietser’ (free-as-a-bird cyclist) and the interesting facts on their website.

Did you for example know that in the Netherlands:

  • 50% of the people go by bike tot heir school or university?
  • 25% of the people cycle to work
  • there are 18 million bicycles (The Netherlands has got ca. 13,5 million inhabitants older than 4 and they own in average 1,3 bike per person)
  • most people cycle between 15 and 18 kilomteres per hour (most people don’t see cycling as a sport, but just as a faster version of walking)
  • it rains quite a bit, 6,5% of the time it is raining, but that doesn’t keep us from cycling

by Meredith

Are you a Dutchie? Do you like cycling? For only 2,17 euro a month you can be a member of this cool organisation!

Visit the website of the fietsersbond

Mr. Cycle Chic’s Amsterdam pics

Mister Cycle Chic, a.k.a. Mikael Colville-Andersen, visits our beloved city quite regularly. Last month he was here with his kids and also they noticed how many similarities Amsterdam and Copenhagen have. So probably seeing Amsterdam through Copenhagen eyes isn’t much different to how we see it ourselves. 

In the coming months we will posts some pictures of Mikael Colville-Andersen of Amsterdam cyclists. Today, some family cycling pictures:

Four on the Floor

Hey Baby

Bucket Boy




ACC blowing out 2 candles!

So.. it’s already so far: we are 2 years old! Thanks all for following and supporting us.. Here are some of our most popular posts of this second year:

must be a good book by Aude

At the end of 2012, Must be a good book by Aude, exposed in Buenos Aires thanks to Else!

Happy friday!

Happy Friday! by Else

Cyclist of the Month: Photographer Julie Hrudova

One of our great cyclist of the month, by Meredith

backin80s-2-by Aude

Back to the 80’s taken by David, and spotted by Aude

It's a match!

It’s a match by Meredith

2people 1 bike

Two people one bike by joni

Suits on bikes

Suits on bike by Meredith

summer in the city

And to end up, our musical post: summer in the city by Aude..

Office views

I am lucky that the social enterprise JO Cadeau that I founded has its headquarters (and to be honest, only quarters) in this amazing building by Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck. It is an anti-squat arrangement; you pay very little and rent a space in a building that would otherwise be empty or occupied by squatters. It is great. It is in the city centre, in the old Jewish neighbourhood. The only disadvantage is that you can suddenly be ‘kicked out’ when the building is sold.

I want to show you some essential parts of my days at the office, the view at the Hollandsche Schouwburg, the building and my great businesspartner Josje.

Plantage Middenlaan

My office

Plantage Middenlaan

My view

Lady on bike Amsterdam

My businesspartner

For lunch I love to go out to get some bread and nice Dutch cheeses that we eat all together (interns, freelancers and ourselves) in our office. When outside, I look at the cyclists. It is a diverse scenery at the Plantage Middenlaan. Check it out:

Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Amsterdam tourist cycling

Amsterdam cycling


by Joni

ACC expo in Buenos Aires!

Remember Else’s project I bike ABC in Buenos Aires? Well this is the result: our pictures printed in huge and hanging in the ‘El Rosedal’ park of BA..





Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Copenhagen Cycle Chic is also part of the exhibition with some nice pictures:


And of course, the Queen of the Netherlands the Argentinian Maxima:

Happy Friday!


On this warm summer night in August – with the winter closing in we are in need of some sunny shots – these two ladies turned a lot of heads on their way to their friday night activities. Very late that night I bumped into them at a sweaty dubstep party – still looking classy. Happy Friday, everybody!


I bike ABC

Over a year ago Joni and I sat in the train to visit our friend and former Cycle Chic member Milou in Berlin. About two weeks later I would leave for Buenos Aires and we were talking about the Netherlands Institute Buenos Aires (NIBA), with whose initiator, Silvia Rottenberg, I just got in touch. The institute was planning some projects with which to take part in the tandem Amsterdam Buenos Aires 2013, initiated by the Dutch Embassy. This tandem was organized to stimulate scientific and cultural exchange between the two countries – exactly the mission of the NIBA.  Joni and I immediately came up with the brilliant plan to do a project on cycling. How much more Dutch can it get? It’s the Dutch ‘export-product’ and as Buenos Aires was developing to become a bicycle friendly city, this field of Dutch expertise could really contribute. And besides, this would be the way for Cycle Chic to conquer the world.

Silvia and the NIBA were just as excited and so we set it up. It started out with the plan of an exhibition with photographs of Amsterdam Cycle Chic and slowly grew out to be a much more large-scaled project. Also by examining the status of the bicycle culture in Buenos Aires, we realised a  project with an emphasis on the sharing of expertise between the countries could be very interesting. We talked with almost anyone who has anything to do with cycling and became close with the City of Buenos Aires and the department of transport and mobility.


Ultimate Dutch/Argentine interchange: Maxima on wheels

The status of cycling in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is in the midst of a bicycle revolution. Since about ten years the use of the bicycle has increased, but obviously in a city dominated by motorized vehicles the car is still king of the road. Before, the bicycle was mainly used for delivery service, but it’s now a more common means of transport. Nonetheless many people only take out their bicycles on Sunday to cycle rounds in the park (wearing helmets and other protection gear..). But the City and many bicycle fans are trying to change this, and are proactively stimulating the use of bicycles as a daily means of transport. The City set up a very successful bicycle sharing program, offers discount on bicycles and organizes bicycle festivals to promote cycling. Besides that they are working hard on improving the infrastructure for cyclists, and by the end of this year Buenos Aires will have about 100 kms of bicycle lanes. Nonetheless the bicycle lanes are in very bad condition, there is no parking space, the bicycles are of bad quality and many other road users don’t respect cyclists. So there’s a lot to be done, and with this project we wanted to hitch into these urgent issues. We decided to set up expert meetings and put together Dutch and Argentine experts to talk about the different subjects.



The project continues

In the meanwhile Denmark joined us; the Danish Embassy also wanted to do a project on cycling and the Danes are obviously experts on the subject as well. This meant more knowledge, more fun and an even bigger project. So to the Dutch photos and experts the Danes added their own, and then the project as it is currently known came into existence: I bike ABC (Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen).


Though the Dutch and Danish Embassy supported the project, and many others like the City of Buenos Aires contributed in crucial ways, finances weren’t covered by far and we’ve been hunting for sponsors for months on end. We had to postpone the project several times. But in the end we found the international company Shimano willing to support the project, and now finally, after more than a year, the project has its kick off this weekend.


I bike ABC

The project consists of several parts. This weekend I bike ABC will have a stand at Shimano Fest, with information available about cycling in the Netherlands and Denmark, and with the ambassadors of both countries participating in a bicycle tour. Both will be interviewed on cycling on the main stage, which will be broadcast on television.

At the end of October the Dutch and Danish experts will arrive. During three days they will take part in intensive result driven expert meetings, which are shaped around several subjects. They will discuss, together with Argentine experts, issues of infrastructure, parking space, bicycle design, bicycle culture, etc. And it will not only be talking; the City of Buenos Aires has given a couple of case studies on which the experts will focus. The idea is to enter into a long-lasting collaboration between the experts and cities, and really focus on solutions and results.

In the same weekend the expert meetings take place, on the 1st of November, the Cycle Chic exhibition will open in Museo de la Ciudad, in the City Museum of Buenos Aires. Forty pictures of Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Amsterdam Cycle Chic will be arranged in different themes, and several bicycles, like a real Dutch Vanmoof bicycle will be shown. Besides an inside exhibition the Cycle Chic photos, and archival photos of both cities (like the famous picture below of Ed van der Elsken), will be shown on large format in different parks in the city. A lot of visibility! With these pictures we hope to show how normal and daily cycling is, and want to amaze passers-by with the beautiful Cycle Chic photos.



That is not the Vanmoof bicycle by the way, it’s a very old one found in the City Museum of Buenos Aires.. You can follow the project on the Facebook page of I bike ABC, and pictures of the inside and outside exhibition will follow soon!

By Else

Living in Amsterdam North


About a month ago I moved to my new home in the North of Amsterdam. Growing up in the city centre, the north – even though Amsterdam is as small as it gets – feels like moving to another city. Why? Mainly because the north of town is separated from the city centre by the ‘IJ’ river (it’s actually a lake and originally a bay, but most of all it’s a lot of water). Moving to ‘Noord’ has proven the distance to be peanuts, the ferry takes you to the the epicenter of Amsterdam in only a few minutes – a service provided for free, as you have to make a big detour cycling to the nearest bridge.

20130930_134648 copy


For many Amsterdam citizens Noord used to be where to go only for underground house parties, roaming the big flee market or visiting your great-aunt Babs or Miep – now the area is very ‘up and coming’. With the city centre slowly turning into an open air museum, the north of town appeals as a more spacious and less crowded area. A lot of creative and alternative initiatives are settling on ‘the other side’ and many cafes and restaurants in industrial settings give Noord a fresh and lively character. Check out I love Noord to see what’s up.





So having to take the ferry isn’t that bad at all. It gives you a moment to catch your breath, let the wind blow through your hair, enjoy the beautiful skies, and check out all the nice cyclist commuters. Aude made a cool video where you  can see a few cyclists getting on the ferry just in time, and made a post about Amsterdam North before, remember? The snapshots in this post give you an impression of cyclists taking the ferry from before sunrise until after sunset.



by Else

Cyclist of the month: author Pete Jordan

On a Saturday afternoon at StarBikes, I met up with Pete Jordan, author of In The City of Bikes, to talk about his book, Amsterdam, and of course, cycling. In The City of Bikes is a memoir-like historical fact book telling the story of Amsterdam’s cycling history and culture. It takes you back to the 1890s, through the Nazi occupation, and to the city still filled with bikes we know today.
Cyclist of the month: Pete Jordan

How long have you been in Amsterdam?

I came to Amsterdam in 2002 to take a one-semester-long urban planning course. 11 years, 8 apartments, and 4 bikes later, I’m still here. I blame the bikes.

Your book is all about the history of cycling in Amsterdam. What’s your favorite bit of history?

I found the war years (WWII) incredibly interesting. Amsterdammers showed a massive amount of resistance to the Germans. And it was something everyone could do: lolly-gag on their bikes in front of an impatient, waiting, honking German car.

What was the inspiration behind the book?

I was enthralled by all the cyclists from day I arrived in Amsterdam and I started asking around for books about it. To my surprise, I found nothing. Cycling is so normal in this city that no one has bothered to write a book about the topic!

Cyclist of the month: Pete Jordan
Cyclist of the month: Pete Jordan
Cyclist of the month: Pete Jordan

And the best or worst thing about cycling in Amsterdam?

I’m still amazing that it keeps growing! Look at the Haarlemmerstraat, the best street in Amsterdam. You’d think all the cyclists going every which way would cause complete chaos–but in fact, it works. My least favorite is tied between the tourists and scooters. Yesterday I saw 2 tourists collide in front of the Rijksmuseum. It’s comical, but also just dangerous.

Any other plans with the book? A sequel? A photo exhibit? 

The Dutch version of the book, De Fietsrepubliek, has an excellent photo section unlike the English version. I’m planning to extend the gallery into a book on its own. Now the website is also up and running, and I also offer private tours based on the book. And I’m working on a guide book for cycling tourists that will be out next year.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

A while ago, I started collecting all these loose, often broken bike parts from all over the city. In no time at all, I had almost every piece I needed for a whole bike. I wanted to put all the pieces together, but then I realized: a bike made from broken parts is just a broken bike. So I threw them all away.
Cyclist of the month: Pete Jordan
Cyclist of the month: Pete Jordan

by Meredith


For more information about Pete Jordan, his tours, and In The City of Bikes, head to

boys vs. girls

One great thing about Amsterdam cycling is hopping on the back of a friend’s bike, or giving someone else a ride. (In other countries, it’s illegal!) The first time I gave someone a ride, I almost fell on my face and broke my friend’s legs. How do you all make it look so easy?!

So when it comes to hitchin’ a ride, who does it better: boys or girls?

girls vs. boys

girls vs. boys
by Meredith


These two gentlemen caught my lens during rush hour. Cycling, hurrying, chatting and looking stylish at the same time. Good job.

Amsterdam Street Diary

Last week we presented to you photographer Julie Hrudova. She has made an Amsterdam Street Diary with her pictures. We show you a selection of her pictures, and you might not be surprised that we just chose pictures with bikes in them.

Amsterdam Street Diary

Bikes in Vondelpark

Amsterdam bikes, 2012

Cycling in Amsterdam

Cyclist reflection

How to cycle like a Queen (or King!)

Yesterday was a whirlwind of parties all over the city and what was the best way to get there? By bike of course. How did you flaunt your flair on your bike? Here are six ways some Amsterdammers showed their orange pride.

1. With a hat
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

2. With a traveling party
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

3. Tagging along with a friend (and ‘flag’ your cheeks!)
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

4. Bike together and scarf your orange
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

5. Adorn yourself in a King’s robe
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

6. Proudly fly your flag!
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)
by Meredith

And the winners are……

We have received many nice pictures from all over the world on flickr, Facebook and by email for the Music & Bikes competition. This morning Anton, the inventor of the Hotelfietsbel, Aude and I have chosen the two winners of ‘the coolest bell in Amsterdam’, the Hotelfietsbel. It has been a difficult decision, but we finally came to an agreement that the winnning pictures are:

Organillero y cartero

‘Organillero y cartero’ by Bilobicles bag – Chile

Saturday Morning

‘Saturday Morning’ by Amsterdamize

So José ‘Bilobicles bag’ from Chile and Marc from Amsterdamize please send your addres to so that we can send you the bell!

But there have been many other beautiful entries. See a selection of them below or in our Flickr Group.

Traveling with your sounds

‘Traveling with your sounds’ by Edinburg Cycle Chic

Guitar transport

‘Guitar transport’ by Edinburgh Cycle Chic

verboden te parkeren

‘verboden te parkeren: does it ring a bell?’ by Heleen Ogier

Cycling to the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ

‘Cycling to the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ’ by Ellen

Music and bells

‘Music and Bells’ by Jorine

'Bike speakers NYC' by Ed Dutchmazz

‘Bike speakers NYC’ by Ed Dutchmazz

Lost in the Forrest

‘Lost in the Forrest’ by Gabor


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