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Vintage culture

Old school styling

Steampunk may be a fantastical and fictional era from the 19th century, but in Amsterdam in 2014 you see all eras combining into one contemporary and amazing milkshake.

I rode passed this copper-coloured beauty and had to turn around and take a better look. Upon closer inspection I discovered a vintage lantern replacing conventional rear-lighting, and an old fashioned horn for alerting fellow pedestrians and cyclists of this beasts stealth approach. This bike also had a small leather chest and camera case (to carry life’s necessities naturally) topping it all off with a skull fixed on the handlebars – to guide the riders journey.

With rise of the popularity of this genre in The Netherlands through alternative festivals here such as Nox Obscura, Gogbot and Emporium Vennesque you may just be seeing some more kooky wheels flying past you in the near future.






By Mel

Flea market chic

Last weekend I went to the Ij Hallen flea market over in Noord. Have you been? It’s fun to check out all the funky stuff people are selling–and of course to people watch. Hipster mania! But all types of people, too. Old and young, local and foreign, it doesn’t matter.

My favorite parts of the journey are waiting for the ferry to get there, and waiting for the ferry to go back. Then you get to see all the cool stuff people picked up — often tied to their bike in creative ways. I always end up saying to myself “What!? How did I not see that!” Ugh, next time. Next time.

Flea market chic
Flea market chic
Flea market chic
Flea market chic
-by Meredith

Squatting in Vrankrijk

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Vrankrijk is the historical squat of Amsterdam, situated in the heart of the city. Founded in the late 80′s, it was a place for live music, dance parties but also a political home for people who were looking for orientation off the mainstream.

Now, after being closed for several years, the Vrankrijk has been re-discovered by a  new generation: a mix of squatters and hipsters so don’t be scared of the snake, you are invited too!

Dyed hair

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Afraid of the dark days ahead, many Amsterdammers dyed their hair in all the colors of the rainbow!
Most of the time, only a part of it. Most of the time, even only the tips of it..

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Curly and dirty

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Curly hair, dirty shoes and plastic bag. Those 2 guys cycling along the Amstel look like they are heading to a party outside, maybe the last one of the season.

Win the book ‘In the city of bikes’

Pete Jordan, our cyclist of the month, wrote the book ‘In the city of bikes‘ about the cycling history of Amsterdam. You can read more about the book in Meredith’s interview with the author.

Now Pete gave Amsterdam Cycle Chic a signed copy of the book that we can give away!

How do you win? Send us by mail, post on our Facebook page or in our Flickr group a picture of your own ‘history of cycling’. So for example a picture of yourself as a baby on the back of your dads bike, your mother in a hippy dress on a Dutch bike or a picture of your home town full of cyclists a few decades ago.

The picture of Aude’s husband Willem that she posted a few weeks ago is the perfect example.  Join the competition and win!

Cycling in the 80's

How to cycle chic … in Berlin!

Have you been to Berlin? Wow, what a city. This weekend I was super impressed with the numbers of cyclists their chic style.

Though the cities are very different, Berliners and Amsterdammers have quite a lot in common when it comes to cycling, also a few new things to learn! So if you’re in Berlin, here’s how to cycle chic. Check it out:

1. Wear a dress and tightsHow to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

2. Park where you want to
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

3. Know that maroon and different pinks DO match, somehow
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

4. Get some flowers for your handlebars
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

5. Strut your heels and blond tresses
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

6. Look relaxed, and wear dots.
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

7. Dont leave home without a scarf!
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

8. More dots and vintage road bikes
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

9. Stow your bag on the back rack
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

10. Change your gears!
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

11. Ride with long-stem flowers
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

11. Grow a beard…but only half-way
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

12. Go to Tempelhof, (airport-turned-park) with your kid’s bike on your back rack
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

13. Enjoy the Tempelhof runway with friends
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

14. Ride a men’s road bike!
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!

15. Stop and listen to the music, and enjoy this magical city!
How to cycle chic ... in Berlin!


by Meredith

PS. Berlin has their own cycle chic blog, check them out here!

Back to the 80’s

backin80s-2-by Aude

I am not Dutch but married with a real one and this is a proof! Earlier this year, we had a baby-girl, sweet little Alice. We wanted to know who she looks like so we had a look at photos of my man when he was a kid. When I saw those pictures of him (in the front seat) with his brother on the back seat of their mum’s bike, I had one thought : “cycle chic back in the 80’s” !

Amsterdam cycle chic

Taken by David in 1985 – Posted by Aude in 2013

Summer in the city

amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city…

Seriously stylish

Seriously stylish by Aude

by Aude

Most people in Amsterdam are stylish: green parka for him, red lipstick for her. So it goes for these hipsters and they seem to be quite serious about their looks!

Happy new year!

old times

Postcard found by Aude

I found this postcard in a vintage shop in Amsterdam. Unfortunately there is no information about the place and time this picture was taken. But they looked so cycle chic that I could not resist posting it to wish you all a great new year 2013!

Panthers in town

pantere 1 by Aude
Maybe not as common as the green parka, but still the panther coat is quite popular this winter.
So don’t be afraid if you feel surrounded by them.. You are not a prey, although?!

pantere 2 by Aude

by Aude

You Rock!

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Lift to the park

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Bow Tie

Amsterdam Cycle chic

by Aude

It is said that the bow tie was invented in the 17th century as a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of the shirt, during wartimes. Although this might be unknown to this stylish fellow, he might unconsciously have been inspired by some famous bow tie wearers in the past, like Fred Astaire, Karl Lagerfeld or Steve Jobs, who used to wear bow ties in the 1980s.

Whatever his thoughts are, fact is that he just looks great on his bike! So therefore, I take a bow for all bow tie wearers out there. Do you also fancy to be fancy? See here how to tie your bow tie:

how to tie a bow tie

Dreaming away

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Dreaming away on your favourite track while riding your bike with the wind in your hair and the jacket of your boyfriend… Can it get any better?

Boys talk

Amsterdam cycle chic

Boys talk by Aude

“The greenest bike is red”

“The colour we use most is red, because we like our bikes to stand out. Not only because they are cool looking, unique, retro style bicycles, but we hope that people that cycle them want to make a statement. A statement of sustainability. That is why in Amsterdam the greenest bike is red.”

Roetz by Aude-2

We are talking to one of the founders of Roetz bikes, Tiemen ter Hoeven. Roetz by Aude-1 After having worked at a big consultancy firm for years Tiemen found his calling: starting a bicycle brand of sustainable bicycles. Roetz bikes are green and social: “We select the best steel frames from bicycles that are not used anymore and turn them into new, fancy looking bikes. All the parts we use are as sustainable as possible and many parts are of recycled material, like the crates made out of pallets from the Amsterdam harbour. We get the used frames from the city council and they are reproduced for us in a sheltered workshop.”

Roetz by Aude-8

Roetz is a young and quickly growing business. Last August they sold their first bicycle and now their bikes are sold through 35 dealers in the Netherlands.

Roetz by Aude-4Roetz by Aude-3Roetz by Aude-6

City sunset

City sunset by Aude by amsterdamcyclechic
City sunset by Aude, a photo by amsterdamcyclechic on Flickr.

As everybody is sitting on all terraces of Amsterdam these days, we believe it is the last time for months that this girl will be wearing her (hopefully fake) fur coat!

Spring feeling

Spring feeling by Aude

Vintage style

vintage friends
vintage friends

2 vintage friends on a vintage bike, we like your style!


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