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Thank you Momentum Magazine!

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

Since December passed us by so quickly we are just now getting to share some big news. US-based urban cycling mag, Momentum Magazine, featured our very own Amsterdam Cycle Chic girls in their December issue. Joni and I wrote a brief article with tips about the best cycling city in the world, including a few pointers on “how to cycle like an Amsterdammer”. In the 2-page spread they also featured photos by us — and Aude’s shot of me for last year’s Cyclist of the Month was chosen for the cover! You can still download the December issue here.

We love opportunities like this. Sharing Amsterdam’s unique and amazing  — and all so normal at the same time — bike ‘culture’ with the world is one reason this blog exists. So keep on cycling chic, Amsterdam!

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

Cyclist of the Month: Lauren the blogger

This beauty from Amsterdam was caught just before parking her bicycle to grab a take-away soup for dinner. Lauren (26) recently bought a racing bicycle to tour the Dutch flat countryside, a real trend amongst Amsterdam youth. But she just as much loves crossing through town on her Dutch bike with bicycle crate. Now that she finished her masters the summer has begun for her; cycling from park picknicks to work to late night dancing. In the meanwhile she blogs about the hidden treasures of Amsterdam for tourist site Spotted by Locals.

Cyclist of the Month: Lauren
Cyclist of the month: Lauren

A window view

A window view by Ayolt
Through a tree
Bike crate by Ayolt

Through a window of a house on a canal we shot pictures of these typical Amsterdam scenes. It was one of the first sunny and warm days of the year. Cyclists looked so small from high above.

From Amsterdam with love

A bicycle saddle serves many purposes:

Buy a card, get out of the shop and write your best wishes on the saddle of your bike.


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