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Bun up top

Loving this chick’s style. Black on gray on white, with the black Nike Frees — on a classic black Omafiets. Plus the big bun on top. And Ray-Bans to make it stick. Nice.

Bun up top

Taking it easy

On gorgeous spring days like today, sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the views of the Amstel, the sunshine…and the cute boys in the rowing boats!

Taking a break

It’s a village, really

Amsterdam that is. You can bump (or ride) into someone you know at any moment. Those spontaneous meet ups on your bike are the best, right? Makes up for the random hail storm you just biked through seconds before.

I saw these guys chatting it up, laughing, and recounting some silly story. Some definite bromance going on. Has this happened to you? How many friends have you seen randomly on a single ride or in a day?

It's a village, really

Sunday style on Utrechtsestraat

This is one of my favorite streets for shopping, people watching, coffee drinking, and of course cycling. I never tire of watching the stylish peeps riding by. Boots, scarves, beards, berets, colorful bags. Eye candy galore!

Plus, everyone always slows down to look at the shop windows (which are always oh-so enticing). Some people see me taking photos and give a smile. Thanks guys!

Sunday style on Utrechtsestraat
Sunday style on Utrechtsestraat
Sunday style on Utrechtsestraat
Sunday style on Utrechtsestraat
Sunday style on Utrechtsestraat

Sunday smiles

Sunday smiles


We all know that cycling makes us smile. Even in the winter cold, when you and a friend are side by side on bikes (maybe talking about last night’s escapades?) it’s like that chill running up your sleeves just disappears.

Or so we think, right?


Punky Sunday

Loving. This. Hair.

Enough said!

Punky Sunday

A Jack Russell in our mailbox

Hi Amsterdam Cycle Chic team,
I never had a driving license and I have never missed it because my bike brings me everywhere! Cycling is freedom.What is nicer than discovering the city by bike? I cycle a Bub by Batavus now but years ago I had a real old omafiets, and… a very sweet Jack Russell puppy. Maybe a nice picture for your blog?
Best regards,

Dog in bike basket

We love it to receive an email like this. People sharing their bicycle stories with us. In that way we get to know our readers a bit. So thanks for sharing Louise!

After seeing Louise’s picture I went through our own photos and selected a few dogs in baskets (or crates) for you, something you see a lot in the streets of Amsterdam. And you see, big dogs, small dogs, they all love to go for a ride!

Waiting to go for a cycle

Amsterdam cycling

by Meredith Just chillin'

Lovely leaves

It’s really fall now, right? I love this time of year in Amsterdam. The colors, fresh air, and just a little bit of sun. A perfect day for a ride along the canals. Don’t you think?

Lovely leaves


by Meredith

A day for yellow pants

We are having some lucky sunny weather so far this fall. Two days in a row of lovely sun and blue skies. And more to come this week, right? Maybe I need to find some yellow pants to celebrate….

A day for yellow pants
by Meredith

Suits on bikes

Suits on bikes
Suits on bikes
Suits on bikes
Nevermind this sweltering heat, who doesn’t love a good-looking suit? With a beer, phone, briefcase–doesn’t matter, as long as it looks good. And on a bike, of course!

by Meredith

Green means go!

Green means go!
Green means go!
Green means go!
The green spectrum seems to be the ideal summer color this time of year. In a matter of a couple minutes, I spotted 3 lovely ladies donning the color in style–and on their bikes of course! So, yes, go out and enjoy this weather! Hopefully it’ll stick around a while…

by Meredith

Sunday boots

Sunday boots
Boots and shorts–great combo for this summer weather. Don’t forget your poncho too! With the few minutes of sunshine in between the down-pours, sometimes it’s nice to take your bike for a walk. Slow down, look around, enjoy, and repeat!

by Meredith

Army chic



Is camouflage a thing now? I’m seeing it all over the streets. This brunette pulls it off easily on her — wait, is that a KLM cruiser? Complete with bike rack? That’s pretty sweet. How did she get a hold of that ? Hmmmm.

by Meredith




She is ready for spring!


Game face Sunday!

Game face Sunday

These guys were definitely ready for the game!


Sunny Sunday!

#Amsterdam #cycling: guy cycling home with a leek in his crate #amsterdamstyle

Hey! Where are you going with that leek?! Come to my house and cook! Where ever this handsome chap is heading, looks like he’ll be sharing a lovely meal.

Any groceries in your bike basket today?

by Meredith

PS. Thanks to Joni for snapping up this pic!


Bike crate

You probably already noticed it on our blog, but to have a crate on the front of your bike is really trendy in Amsterdam! Hardly any cute baskets in the streets just cool and sturdy crates, in different colours, sometimes branded or full of stickers. What do you think of this trend?

Bike with crate
bike with crate Bike with crate

Lady on bike Cycling in Amsterdam Family cycling Bike with crate
bike with crateBike with crate

Cruising Sunday

by MeredithWell hey there pretty lady! She’s got her matching gloves and beanie, and just cruising along on her Old Dutch, carrying some things in her basket and listening to music. This freezing weather isn’t wearing her down at all…it’s almost making her smile!

What made you smile today?

by Meredith

What’s in your basket?

by Meredith
by Meredith
by Meredith
I’m always super impressed by what Amsterdammers carry while peddling a human-powered machine. Weaving through cars, alongside trams, riding with one (or no hands!), talking on their phones, listening to music–and schlepping all kinds of stuff with them at the same time, too. In the past few months we’ve seen people on their bikes carrying planks of wood, sleds, Christmas trees, and of course their babies. And despite the terrible weather, they all make it look so easy breezy.

There are all types of baskets out there. You’ve got the classic crate in wood or plastic. The Albert Heijn winkelmandje is always a nice one to see (how do you steal a shopping basket?!). There’s the removable baskets, too. I’ve seen some nice vintage wire baskets. And the huge wicker baskets that have a handy lid, those are fantastic.

by Meredith
by Meredith
The widespread use of the bike basket, to me, is yet another reminder of how utilitarian the bicycle is for Dutch society, and really for any society. It’s not only a means of transportation; it’s a way of life.  It’s so ingrained into daily life that of course (!) we use our bike to get groceries, purchase planks of wood, take our kids sledding, buy Christmas trees, and for anything else we have planned for the day. In fact, it makes no sense to do it any other way.

Do you have a great photo of a bike basket, with something crazy in it? Post it to our Facebook page, we’d love to see it!

by Meredith

Doggy style!

The coolest dog in the street enjoying a cycle in a cargo bike

The coolest dog in town – by Else

Dog crossing a zebra crossing while running beside its cycling boss, Amsterdam

The Dog and the Zebra – by Else

Dog chilling in a cargo bike in Amsterdam

Just chillin’ – by Sofie

Dog running beside its cycling boss

Running dog – by Else

Dog waiting in a bicycle crate for it's boss to go for a cycle

Waiting to go for a cycle – by Joni

All these Amsterdam cyclists show how easy it is to cycle with your dog. For some dogs it’s a moment of relaxing and enjoying for others it is their daily exercise!

Cyclist of the Month: Lauren the blogger

This beauty from Amsterdam was caught just before parking her bicycle to grab a take-away soup for dinner. Lauren (26) recently bought a racing bicycle to tour the Dutch flat countryside, a real trend amongst Amsterdam youth. But she just as much loves crossing through town on her Dutch bike with bicycle crate. Now that she finished her masters the summer has begun for her; cycling from park picknicks to work to late night dancing. In the meanwhile she blogs about the hidden treasures of Amsterdam for tourist site Spotted by Locals.

Cyclist of the Month: Lauren
Cyclist of the month: Lauren

Cycle Chic – The Book

Mr. Cycle Chic and founder of the entire Cycle Chic Republic, Mikael Colville-Anderson, made a book full of pictures of chic cyclists from all over the world. It is called ‘Cycle Chic’ and published by Thames & Hudson.

Cycle Chic Book by Mikael Colville-Andersen

Cycling with umbrella

Rainy Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic by Mikael Colville-Andersen

If I can bicycle, I bicycle

With colourful images Mikael takes you around the globe and shows you how people enjoy cycling through their cities and look fashionable at the same time. There are pictures from his Copenhagen and from our Amsterdam, but also from many other cities from all over the world.
Hungarian Cycle Chic Budapest

Colourful Cycle Chic in London and Paris

Paris and London

Dublin Cycle Chic


Coffee To Go


Wanna see more?

“The greenest bike is red”

“The colour we use most is red, because we like our bikes to stand out. Not only because they are cool looking, unique, retro style bicycles, but we hope that people that cycle them want to make a statement. A statement of sustainability. That is why in Amsterdam the greenest bike is red.”

Roetz by Aude-2

We are talking to one of the founders of Roetz bikes, Tiemen ter Hoeven. Roetz by Aude-1 After having worked at a big consultancy firm for years Tiemen found his calling: starting a bicycle brand of sustainable bicycles. Roetz bikes are green and social: “We select the best steel frames from bicycles that are not used anymore and turn them into new, fancy looking bikes. All the parts we use are as sustainable as possible and many parts are of recycled material, like the crates made out of pallets from the Amsterdam harbour. We get the used frames from the city council and they are reproduced for us in a sheltered workshop.”

Roetz by Aude-8

Roetz is a young and quickly growing business. Last August they sold their first bicycle and now their bikes are sold through 35 dealers in the Netherlands.

Roetz by Aude-4Roetz by Aude-3Roetz by Aude-6

Summer cycling

Summer Cycling by Else

The sun is out, the sky is blue, the city is waiting for you….


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