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Riding with style

Loving the VANMOOF bike.

Riding with style

Bromance in the park

Nothing like a leisurely ride in the Vondelpark with a friend. And with style, might I add. Looking good boys!

Bromance in the park

3 ways to cycle together

This is what sunny Sunday afternoons are for: cycling together. And how do you cycle together? Ask any Amsterdammer and you’ll get a variety of options. Of course there’s the classic side-by-side cycle. Then there’s the other classic double: two people, one bike. Then there’s the more acrobatic version of doubling, standing on the back rack (popular among the youngsters).

What else? How else can you cycle together?

3 ways to cycle together
3 ways to cycle together
3 ways to cycle together

Sunday smiles

Sunday smiles


We all know that cycling makes us smile. Even in the winter cold, when you and a friend are side by side on bikes (maybe talking about last night’s escapades?) it’s like that chill running up your sleeves just disappears.

Or so we think, right?


A Jack Russell in our mailbox

Hi Amsterdam Cycle Chic team,
I never had a driving license and I have never missed it because my bike brings me everywhere! Cycling is freedom.What is nicer than discovering the city by bike? I cycle a Bub by Batavus now but years ago I had a real old omafiets, and… a very sweet Jack Russell puppy. Maybe a nice picture for your blog?
Best regards,

Dog in bike basket

We love it to receive an email like this. People sharing their bicycle stories with us. In that way we get to know our readers a bit. So thanks for sharing Louise!

After seeing Louise’s picture I went through our own photos and selected a few dogs in baskets (or crates) for you, something you see a lot in the streets of Amsterdam. And you see, big dogs, small dogs, they all love to go for a ride!

Waiting to go for a cycle

Amsterdam cycling

by Meredith Just chillin'

Double Dutch

When it comes to cycling the Dutch love to double up. Especially on chilly, wintery days like today, it seems like the only way to get around is to jump on the back on your friend’s bike and snuggle up close.  Or hop on a tandem like the adorable cutie-pie in the last pic! Don’t lose those flowers!

Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch

boys vs. girls

One great thing about Amsterdam cycling is hopping on the back of a friend’s bike, or giving someone else a ride. (In other countries, it’s illegal!) The first time I gave someone a ride, I almost fell on my face and broke my friend’s legs. How do you all make it look so easy?!

So when it comes to hitchin’ a ride, who does it better: boys or girls?

girls vs. boys

girls vs. boys
by Meredith

The gaggle

One thing I love about cycling in Amsterdam is how social it is.  As I snapped this shot, they were chatting and laughing away. This gaggle of girls is up to something, don’t you think?

The gaggle

by Meredith

Bike crate

You probably already noticed it on our blog, but to have a crate on the front of your bike is really trendy in Amsterdam! Hardly any cute baskets in the streets just cool and sturdy crates, in different colours, sometimes branded or full of stickers. What do you think of this trend?

Bike with crate
bike with crate Bike with crate

Lady on bike Cycling in Amsterdam Family cycling Bike with crate
bike with crateBike with crate

Flirty Sunday

by Meredith

by MeredithFlirt tip #17: Get a cute dog. And like a good-sized one (nothing against little dogs!). Put him in your bike basket. Roll up to cute blondes. Make them smile.

Now that’s a flirty Sunday.

by Meredith

Hitchin’ a ride

by Meredith

I think this photo truly captures the strong, independent, and do-it-all mentality of Dutch women. Totally fantastic. You can give a man a ride on the back of your bike, purse on arm, and sport your leopard gloves, too.

It’s not easy giving a ride — and it takes practice. I completely fell over the first time I tried to give a ride. Ended up just sitting on the back like this guy. I’ll keep trying though!

by Meredith

Amsterdam rush hour

Heaven – Amsterdam rush hour from Cyclechic hu on Vimeo.

This weekend our friend Áron from Hungarian Cycle Chic visited the Netherlands. He made this cool video of rush hour in Amsterdam’s city centre. Check out all the people chatting, making phone calls and rushing to work. You can also clearly see how popular the bicycle crate is in the Netherlands. The Mr Visserplein, where the video was shot, isn’t what you call the most beautiful spot in Amsterdam, but for Áron it was ‘Heaven’….

Chatting and laughing

Chatting and laughing on the magere brugchatting while cyclingLaughing and cycling

Jump on the back of my bike

Jump on the back, on the back of my bike
And I don’t know where we’re going, and I don’t care about that
Jump on the back of my bike and we will leave together
And I don’t know where we’re going, but that doesn’t matter because I know the way

These are freely translated the lyrics of a popular song called Bagagedrager (rear carrier). Check out the video clip full of trendy Dutch bikes.

In the video you see guys impressing girls with their bicycles. The song is about how nice and romantic it is to cycle together on one bike. This video is also the perfect illustration of the Dutch trend of having a ladies’ bike as a man. What do you need a crossbar for anyhow?

Father and daughter

Father and daughter chatting while cycling in Amsterdam

Father and daughter chatting while cycling in Amsterdam

Daughter sitting on the back carrier of her father's bike in Amsterdam

Daughter sitting on the back carrier of her father's bike

Cycling with your daughter between your arms

Father cycling with his daughter in a child seat between his arms

Father, daughter, mum and sons

Father with daughter in a cargo bike

Mobile and connected

The first thing citizens from Amsterdam ask themselves when they get on their bike is; What phone calls do I have to make? While cycling to work or back home again, or on your way to a bar, it’s a perfect time to call your friends.

a bicycle, a cigarette and a mobile phone

texting on a bicycle

phone call on a bicycle

making a phone call while cycling

phone call on a bicycle

Chit chat

chitchat_by Aude
chitchat_by Aude, a photo by amsterdamcyclechic on Flickr.

Glad to have a bike to lean on.


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