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3 in a row

One thing I love about cycling in Amsterdam is the elegant chaos on the fietspad. Check out how nice and neat these people look while waiting for the light to change! Have you ever seen this? This looks more like Copenhagen, whereas Amsterdam stop lights are often a bit more chaotic. There’s always that one person who squeezes in the usual two-bike queue!

3 in a row


by Meredith

Just another rainy day

by Meredith
What happened to all the snow?! I was just getting used to the slip n’ slide riding on the snowy streets. Nevertheless, the terrible wind and rain didn’t stop any Amsterdammers today. It’s almost like nothing can stop these people from riding their bikes!

by Meredith

Must be a good book

must be a good book by Aude

by Aude

I guess some people are really happy with their Christmas presents! Look at her, she is reading her book on the back of a bike, I just had the time to read the title: “Congo“. Now I know which book I will ask next time I receive a present..

Orange umbrella

Cyclist cycling through rain with orange umbrella in Amsterdam - Amsterdam Cycle Chic
After Saturday’s disappointment (the Dutch team lost the first football match in the Euro Cup against Denmark) this cyclist keeps up the good spirit by using his orange umbrella to keep a dry head in rainy Amsterdam. Hopefully it will bring luck to the Dutch tomorrow in the match against Germany!


Cycling through water

It has been raining loads in Amsterdam. Which doesn’t stop us from cycling of course. It does make us wet, very wet and it makes the sky grey, very grey.

But, all the water in the streets also creates great scenes for photos, like this one by Ayolt.

Cycling in stormy weather

Tonight it is very stormy in Amsterdam; a real fight against the wind. But, life goes on and I had my weekly photography course. Outside! I skipped the exercise of taking pictures of the trees and buildings and started taking pictures of cyclists. I wanted to show that no matter the weather, the people in Amsterdam will always move around on their best friend: their bicycle!

The spots on the picture are actually drops of rain on my camera.

Under my umbrella I took this one... 2 minutes later my umbrella turned inside out!


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