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Cycle Chic Spotlight: Ed, coolest Opa ever!

Ed is born in Assendelft. He moved with his sweet wife Ellie to Amsterdam in the 60’s where they got 3 daughters. Ed retired 8 years ago after having served as a social worker for 30 years. Next to his work, Ed has always been a big collector. He used to pile baskets on his bakfiets and cycle all over Amsterdam, looking for pieces of bikes, etc.
Ed1 by Aude
As you can see, both house and bicycle storage contain huge collections of all kinds of items Amsterdammers ever left on the street…
Ed2 by Aude
One day, Ed and his wife were asked by their daughter to look after her newborn twins: Ines and Sofia. Ed’s daughter is a graphic designer and works full time from home. She is very good by the way, see here.
As they live on opposite sides of Amsterdam, Ed had to find a solution to go and get Ines and Sofia twice a week.
So 1,5 year ago, Ed decided to give a new life to his bakfiets. He removed the pile of baskets and made this unique creation to carry this precious duo:
Ed3 by Aude
The bakfiets itself is actually older than Ed himself! But, as Ed likes to put it: «this sort of quality is nowhere to be found anymore these days».
As you can imagine, they do not go unnoticed. Many tourists as well as locals have already got a snap of them!

Don’t think this is the only bakfiets redesigned by Ed. He has one more, a very special one:
Ed4 by Aude Ed5 by Aude

This is a picture he took of another of his daughters with some more grandkids:Ed6 by AudeThis bakfiets has a nice story :Ed7 by AudeTranslation : «The story started with my friend Henk. A long time ago he made a bakfiets in the form of a bible. He used to cycle around Amsterdam with it for years. He also set up the bakfietsclub of Amsterdam. I became myself the chairman, secretary and treasurer. Henk passed away a few years ago. It seemed that his last wish was to be buried in his bible. So we drove him in his bakfiets to his last resting place. Henk’s daughters offered me the undercarriage of the bakfiets. In his attic, Henk still kept a float of a waterplane;just to have something to sail away with, in case a deluge would ever occur. We have then installed the float on the bakfiets and it is still on it today.» Ed Koomen.

Ed8 by Aude

Ed9 by Aude Ed10 by Aude

Ed never had a car, he is a member of the cyclist union Fietsersbond. He is a real Dutch man; healthy and happy to cycle! Inspired by the Roman times, his motto is «veni, vidie, fietsie».

Ines and Sofia : enjoy the ride!

Ed11 by Aude

Reportage by Aude

PS : As it’s never too late to start learning Dutch, here you go: Opa = grandfather and bakfiets = delivery bike

4 responses

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  2. Ernie kembel

    Heey wat leuk ik had het net met mijn collega over oppassen in onze jeugd (way back!!!) . Ik heb vroeger opgepast op de kinderen van Ed en Ellie Koomen wonende te Slotervaart. Ik weet nog dat een van dedochters Manja heette.

    May 23, 2013 at 13:01

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