Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Two people, one bike

Imagine: you are with two people, you have one bike, and you want to go to a friend’s birthday party. What would you do? You could of course leave the bike and go walking, go by car or take a tram. But you can also be inspired by these Amsterdammers and go together on one bike.

We show you five different ways to share a bike (also called doubling). No special seats or cargo bikes needed!

1. Sit on the back carrier (one leg at each side).

Sitting on the back carrier is the most common way to cycle together. Men normally sit with one leg at each side

2. Sit on the back carrier (two legs to the same side)

This is the version that women like best.

3. Sit on the front carrier

A very popular way amongst Amsterdams youth. (Don’t try this with a heavy person).

4. Stand on the rear carrier

For a good view. Like this son on the back of his fathers bike.

5. Sit on the rear carrier facing backwards

Not a very clear picture. They went too fast and I don’t see this way very often. We actually do not know why you would do this. Maybe when the person cycling doesn’t smell too good, or you prefer looking at the streets instead of looking at a back?

There are a lot of other ways to cycle together on one bike (sit on the crossbar, on the handlebars, or on the saddle). Take a look at more pics in this Cycle Chic Republic post.

Now, after being inspired by these cyclists from Amsterdam would you take a bike together?

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