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Living in Amsterdam North


About a month ago I moved to my new home in the North of Amsterdam. Growing up in the city centre, the north – even though Amsterdam is as small as it gets – feels like moving to another city. Why? Mainly because the north of town is separated from the city centre by the ‘IJ’ river (it’s actually a lake and originally a bay, but most of all it’s a lot of water). Moving to ‘Noord’ has proven the distance to be peanuts, the ferry takes you to the the epicenter of Amsterdam in only a few minutes – a service provided for free, as you have to make a big detour cycling to the nearest bridge.

20130930_134648 copy


For many Amsterdam citizens Noord used to be where to go only for underground house parties, roaming the big flee market or visiting your great-aunt Babs or Miep – now the area is very ‘up and coming’. With the city centre slowly turning into an open air museum, the north of town appeals as a more spacious and less crowded area. A lot of creative and alternative initiatives are settling on ‘the other side’ and many cafes and restaurants in industrial settings give Noord a fresh and lively character. Check out I love Noord to see what’s up.





So having to take the ferry isn’t that bad at all. It gives you a moment to catch your breath, let the wind blow through your hair, enjoy the beautiful skies, and check out all the nice cyclist commuters. Aude made a cool video where you  can see a few cyclists getting on the ferry just in time, and made a post about Amsterdam North before, remember? The snapshots in this post give you an impression of cyclists taking the ferry from before sunrise until after sunset.



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