Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Sevilla Cycle Chic

sevilla1 by Aude
sevilla2 by aude

I am just back from a long weekend in Sevilla with my family. It was really good to see them all! The city is beautiful, as was the weather: 30 degrees! Great way to extend the summer.. There were many cycle chicsters like those young Spanish people or my sister/mother:

sevilla3 by aude
The infrastructure is cycle and eldery friendly (see the road sign here above!)

sevilla4 by aude
Next to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Cathedral and the Alcázar palace , we biked to the CAAC (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo). This museum, build in an ancient monastery, is a very inspiring place  that’s worth the detour..

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Not only locals  or ‘cycle chic families’ rent bikes or use the Sevici to get around, here you have a group of Italian friends, enjoying Sevilla by bike.

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