Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic

The ‘Fietsersbond’

The ‘Fietsersbond’ is the Dutch cyclist organisation. Yes, even in a country where bikes rule the streets, you need an organisation that makes sure that cycling is safe for everyone and stays the preferred mode of transport. Because, imagine what would happen if the Dutch would stop cycling and all get into a car or use public transport… that would mean the whole historic city of Amsterdam, with its narrow streets and bridges, would turn into one big traffic jam!

Waiting for boat to pass

That is why I am a proud member of the Fietserbond and I think all cycling Amsterdammers should be.

The Fietsersbond does a lot of things like:

  • They lobby for safer cycling conditions; like sharing bike lanes with scooters, lighten up cycling lanes that are too dark at night and change unsafe cycling paths or junctions
  • They started a bike school, for young people, elderly or immigrants who want to learn how to cycle
  • On their website you can post your cycling problems; dangerous junctions, potholes, a lack of bike parking space etc.
  • They have a very user friendly route planner for cycling routes in the Netherlands
dutch cyclists organisation

Dutch cyclists federation

In Amsterdam the lobby against sharing the bike lanes with scooters has been very strong, I think that all Amsterdammers on bikes agree that it doesn’t feel safe to share the lane with the much faster riding scooters. Other important issues that the Fietsersbond lobbies for are bike parking spaces and seperated cycling lanes.

Style and Speed - Amsterdam Bridge Ayolt

I also enjoy being a member of the Fietsersbond because of their cool magazine ‘Vogelvrije fietser’ (free-as-a-bird cyclist) and the interesting facts on their website.

Did you for example know that in the Netherlands:

  • 50% of the people go by bike tot heir school or university?
  • 25% of the people cycle to work
  • there are 18 million bicycles (The Netherlands has got ca. 13,5 million inhabitants older than 4 and they own in average 1,3 bike per person)
  • most people cycle between 15 and 18 kilomteres per hour (most people don’t see cycling as a sport, but just as a faster version of walking)
  • it rains quite a bit, 6,5% of the time it is raining, but that doesn’t keep us from cycling

by Meredith

Are you a Dutchie? Do you like cycling? For only 2,17 euro a month you can be a member of this cool organisation!

Visit the website of the fietsersbond

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