Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Rainy days..

Amsterdam receives it fair share of precipitation throughout the year, which you get fairly used to the longer you live here. I mean the trade offs are well worth it (just quietly) with our winding canals, cobblestoned streets and unbeatable old world charm, I’m happy to don a fuzzy/soggy hair day now and then.

But us Amsterdammers can get through the last-minute always unpredictable showers pretty simply by a) shielding one’s hair with our hand, b) wrapping our cardigan on our heads or c) un-crumpling our plastic emergency poncho from our pockets whilst not falling over. Easy right?

However turning cycling in the rain into an artform is all about finding the right (stylish) raincoat, mastering the balance of steering whilst carrying your stylish (aerodynamic) umbrella is another thing altogether.

You can add that to my personal bucket list..







Rainyday_Red_Poncho copy

By Mel

One response

  1. I appreciated reading this post. I’m on the far Northern California coast in USA. With winters that can be very wet.

    Earlier this year I purchased a WorkCycles Secret Service from Holland. I’ve been enjoying it very much, but it has me updating my fashions 😉 I would like to update my rain jacket with something more fashionable, but I still need to look for something that meets my style. I have standard rain pants in black, and vivo barefoot ultra shoes for my lower body. Looks very simple and not flashy. I’d also like to find a good hat for wet conditions.

    I don’t feel as if an umbrella would meet well with our sometimes windy coast. I prefer to commute to work with an outer shell, then just have my clothes dry underneath. So no need to change, just prefer to keep my attire dry.

    I appreciate Amsterdam Cycle Chic for images, and thoughts to help inspire me ! So I’m still on that mission for certain stylus outer rain threads.

    Perhaps some of you would like to see an image of me with my WorkCycles in the link below. I think of my town of residence as a minny Amsterdam, we have some social similarities. I hope that I can inspire folks here with the dutch style biking, as you do me.

    July 18, 2014 at 05:24

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