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London calling, London cycling

Two weeks ago I went with my family to London to visit my sister. She is doing a masters in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University. Even though she has been living there for just a couple of months now, it seemed the city was all hers. Many people find London a dangerous place for cyclists*, but you can see the city is making an effort to make it more bike friendly. With a bike sharing scheme, cycle super highways and more bike lanes.
London cycle chic by Aude-4You see more and more Londoners moving around on their own bikes..
London cycle chic by Aude-1.. or on Barclays bikes. Barclays sponsors the London biking scheme (until 2015, so that name will change soon). These bikes are also called ‘Boris Bikes’, after Boris Johnson, Mayor of London who is a big supporter of promoting cycling in London. Did you know that Boris’ wedding gift for the Royal couple Kate and William was a bike and his birthday present for little Prince George was a personalised toddlers ‘Barclays bike’?

However, the credits for the start of the bike sharing scheme go to Ken Livingstone, previous Mayor of London. He announced in 2007 that he was planning to implement a cycle hire scheme modelled on the successful Vélib’ network in Paris. Today there are 10.000 Barclays bikes waiting for you!

London cycle chic by Aude-2Mayor Johnson said that he “hoped the bikes would become as common as black cabs and red buses in the capital” Let’s hope it will happen and in the meantime: Enjoy sharing the road!

London cycle chic by Aude-6Traffic signs for bikes


London cycle chic by Aude-3But please, to all non-UK tourists, don’t forget to look right when crossing the street..
London cycle chic by Aude-5And yes, as everywhere, cycling is cool, and could be romantic took her a while to unlock her bike. Just long enough for a last chat with her friend! Boy..friend?!

Cylistly yours, Aude

*see for example interviews on our blog with VANMOOF founder Taco and Ace & Tate founder Camiel

2 responses

  1. Rich Souffer

    I love Amsterdam’s cycling mentality and I love this blog as well. Sending good vibes from a bike lover in Uruguay to all of you administrators, photographer and writers of this site, and to all cyclist in Amsterdam and Holland. Love. Richard.

    January 17, 2015 at 05:39

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