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Current Editors


This is Meredith. She is from California. She loves her beat-up Batavus almost as much as her new Urban Arrow family bike. And there’s nothing better than a brisk bike ride through Amsterdam. Read more about her here.

July cyclist of the month 5

This is Lily. She left sunny Orlando, FL and found a sunny yellow omafiets instead. Read all about Lily here.

Amsterdam Cycle Chic - July 2017 - Merida-16.jpg

This is Mérida. Mérida moved from the East Coast of the US to Amsterdam in January and bought her teal wheels the day after arrival. Speeding around the canals, she is loving every minute of her freedom by fiets life. Read more about Mér here.

New team member Klara
This is Klara. She traded in London’s fog for Amsterdam’s rain, and hasn’t looked back since. Read more about her here.

Past Contributors


This is Melissa. Melissa traded her sunscreen for an umbrella when she moved from Sydney to Amsterdam. It was love at first sight! Mel travels everywhere on her pimped-up flowery oma fiets. Read more about Melissa here.

cycle_chic (1)

This is Sheila.  She now lives on the East Coast in the USA, bringing her Dutch biking experience with her. Read more about her here.


This is Joni. Joni was the founder of Amsterdam Cycle Chic in 2012. Joni loves cycling along the canals. She is a bad singer, but on her bike she forgets that. She sings while she cycles down the bridges of Amsterdam.


This is Aude. In 2009, she moved from Brussels to Amsterdam. She co-founded Amsterdam Cycle Chic in 2012 and was the main photographer and editor. But in 2015 she moved back to Brussels. She misses cycling in Amsterdam every day.

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