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‘Bici’ love in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is becoming more and more a cycling city. We love it, and we love to be involved in events promoting cycling in the Argentine capital. This year we were part of the jury of a photography competition organised by I Bike ABC and Motivarte. The theme of the competition was “The bicyle in the urban lanscape” and the jury (consisting of our  team member Aude, Mikael Colville-Andersen from Copenhagen Cycle Chic, Else Siemerink, founder of Buenos Aires Cycle Chic, Silvia Rottenberg from NIBA, and Jonas Papier from Photography School Motivarte) had a tough time choosing a winner. But they managed, and these are the winning pictures:

Winner of photography competition

Camila Vazquez 1st prize

Buenos Aires Cycle Chic (1)

Mariela Soledad Araujo 2nd prize

Buenos Aires Cycle Chic (2)

Paula Gómez 3rd prize

Amsterdam Cycle Chic has worked before with I Bike ABC. In 2012 a selection of our pictures were printed in large sizes and shown around Buenos Aires to promote cycling.

Also it was former Amsterdam Cycle Chic team member Else, who was one of the driving forces behind I Bike ABC and who set up Buenos Aires Cycle Chic.

Buenos Aires Cycle Chic
Keep up the Bici Love Buenos Aires!

I Bike ABC
I Bike ABC is an organisation in Buenos Aires that organises events to promote cycling in the Argentine capital. ABC stands for Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen. I Bike ABC is an inititiave of the Danish and Dutch embassies in Buenos Aires and NIBA (Netherlands Institute in Buenos Aires).

Happy birthday to us!

Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Today it is the third birthday of our blog. Three years of promoting the Amsterdam way of cycling. Our believe that everyone around the world has the right to cycle safely in their own city, has motivated us to work on this voluntary blog. Amsterdam shows that all is possible on a bike: commute to work, go out for a drink, pick your kids up from school, take you dog for a run etc. etc.

All local politicians around the world have to do to create a bike friendly is to make cycling top priority; create a safe cycling infrastructure and encourage people young and old to use their bikes. Believe us, it is best for the health, fun and future of a city!

Please join us on our trip back through the past year:
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lightbattle by aude

The Lightbattle under the Rijksmuseum

Sunday style on Utrechtsestraat by Meredith

Sunday Style on Utrechtsestraat

Daddy Day by Aude

Daddy Day

Interview with VANMOOF founder Taco

Cyclist of the Month.. VANMOOF founder Taco

Andy by aude

Cyclist of the Month… singer songwriter Andy

Articles in magazines:

Marie Claire Brazil

Interview with Meredith and picture by Aude in Marie Claire Brazil

Thank you Momentum Magazine!

Article by Meredith and Joni and picture by Aude in Momentum Magazine

38HOURS Amsterdam Travelguide

Article by Meredith and Joni and picture by Aude in travelguide 38hours in Amsterdam

Our visitors mostly came from:This is where our visitors come from

and loads and loads more…

Thank you all for checking out our blogs, liking our pictures and spreading the word about how cool cycling is. We look forward to a new year full of ‘horses of steel’!

About Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic is part of the global Cycle Chic movement. It all started in Copenhagen in 2007 when journalist, film director and photographer Mikael Colville-Andersen started posting pictures of people in Copenhagen on their bikes. All over the world people found his blog and were inspired by the Danish bicycle culture. It seemed that a lot of people linked cycling to sports; to lycra, speed and sweat. Mikael Colville-Andersen showed the world that cycling can be very stylish and part of a daily life.

Check out the original Copenhagen Cycle Chic website

The foundation of the Cycle Chic movement is this manifesto. In short; style over speed and no helmets or visvests.
About Cycle Chic

Marie Claire Brasil

We are very happy and proud to feature in de August’ edition of Marie Claire Brasil . The special coverage “Eu e minha bike” (me and my bike) is showing how popular cycling is in Europe. In the article Mikael Colville-Andersen is interviewed. Mikael is the founder of the Cycle Chic Republic and of the first Cycle Chic blog: Copenhagen Cycle Chic. The article is about how important the bike is for women. During the past centuries the bike has meant a lot for women; more independence, more comfortable clothes and daily physical activity. Today, in Amsterdam, the majority of cyclists is female. You can see them cycling through our streets, each in their own style.

Amsterdam Cycle Chic happily contributed to this article with a picture of Amsterdam Cycle Chic’s Meredith, photographed by Aude.

marie claire Brasil cover August 2014

‘Como a bicicleta transforma a vida das mulheres’



On the left: Meredith Glaser photographed by Aude de Prelle, both from Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Quote by Meredith: “Aqui as crianças crescem em bicicleta. É maravilhoso não se preocupar com os seguro, o preço da gasolina ou tíquetes de estacionamento. Nossa única preocupação é se os pneus estão em boas condições.” (Here kids grow up on a bike. It is great not to worry about insurance, the price of petrol or parking tickets. Our only worry is the state of our tires.)





Bike Fashion Show in Budapest

As  we wrote in our previous post, the absolute highlight of the Cycle Chic Conference in Budapest last weekend, was the Bicycle Fashion Show. When you think of a fashion show, you think of a catwalk, spotlights, photographers, press, and beautiful models. That was all the case in Budapest. But the models in the fashion show were very special. Not only did they walk the catwalk with (their own) bicycles, but also, they were not professional models, but just normal people that love cycling in their city, Budapest.

The models had been spotted on the streets and subscribed themselves to participate in the fashion show. The goal was to show the beauty of cycling, that cycling is for everyone and that you can wear the clothes you love the most while cycling. No need for lycra of sport gear.

Check out Budapest’s stylish cyclists!

Budapest bike model

Budapest bike model

Budapest bike model
Waiting for the show to start

Budapest bike model
posing for the cameras

Cycle Chic Conference 2012 – Budapest

This year’s Cycle Chic Conference in Budapest was legendary! The Cycle Chic Republic was united in the Hungarian capital. So it was a weekend full of bike events, chatting about cycling, photographing, tweeting and instagramming with bloggers from o.a. Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vitoria (Brazil) and Budapest.

Mikael Colville Andersen Aron Halasz

Cycle Chic bloggers

Hungary Cycle Chic

Hungary Cycle Chic host: Áron on his Dutch bike

Cycle Chic Conference

Hungary Cycle Chic organised the conference and found many sponsors to make our stay even more enjoyable and the cycling events even cooler. The main event for us was definitely the Bicycle fashion show, in which normal people walked the catwalk with their bikes, dressed up in their best clothes. It was so nice that we decided to dedicate a whole blogpost to it, that will follow later this week.

Budapest is working hard on improving their cycling infrastructure. The very successful Critical Mass meetings have certainly left their mark. And now organisations like Hungary Cycle Chic and the Hungarian Cyclist Club are taking bicycle activism over to make the city more bicycle friendly. But as you can see on the pictures; Budapest has bicycle infrastructure and cyclists, and was quite a comfortable city to cycle around. So let’s hope the amount of cyclists, cycle lanes and bicycle traffic lights will only improve!

Mikael Colville Andersen

Budapest bike lane

Cyclists in Hungary - Budapest

Budapest cyclists

Cycling in Budapest

Budapest Cyclist

Waiting for a traffic light

Budapest Cyclists

bicycles on boat on Danube

Bikes on boat on Danube

Bicycle infrastructure

Bicycle traffic light

Bicycle Infrastructure

Budapest bicycle infrastructure

Bicycle repair

Bike repair at Danube

Reflexion Budapest

Budapest in bike light

Budapest Cycle Chic

Thanks Cycle Chic Hungary

Thanks to the Hungarian Cyclist Club, the European Mobility Week and the Center for Budapest Transport for sponsoring the cycling events. Thanks Csepel Bikes for lending us our very comfortable and cool bikes! And thanks Anker’t for being such a cool bar and for sponsoring the afterparty after the fashion show.

Cycle Chic Republic: Doubling and Cycling together

Cycling is very social, all over the world people cycle together. In a lot of pictures from the Cycle Chic Republic below you see ‘doubling’ (two people on one bike) something you see a lot in Amsterdam!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Snowstorm Doubling - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen

Lisbon, Portugal

DSC_3793DSC_6183 IMG_303

Toronto, Canada

0426 double ride rain 5801 the double5834 Side order of saddle please

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

doubling by Aude bike,bridge,buddy by AudeQueensday by Aude

Vienna, Austria

twosome cyclingIMG_6541

Sydney, Australia

bondi dinking IMG_1749bondi dinking 6708 gelato dinking

Budapest, Hungary

12798671_421f1c98fa92069e92a28a9e5c26338f_l doule_andrassy14508291_55dd444d874ab26a0a2cba773cd5b06c_l 15482261_9256140c2d9365dbbfa48d1e6603dc67_l

Barcelona, Spain

IMG_1047IMG_1201 moms cycling

Caracas, Venezuela

P2190019P2260071 P2290003

Cracow, Poland

Strasbourg, France

DSC05504DSC_7036 6 B - Dépêches, on va être en retard

Gdansk, Poland

IMG_1516IMG_1448 IMG_9330

Berlin, Germany


Mums and dads cycling – Cycle Chic Republic

This last Friday of the month, the Cycle Chic Republic collected pictures of mothers and fathers cycling with their kids from all over the world.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Father and son by Else"3 kids and a mum by Else

Copenhagen, Denmark
Four on the Floor
Double Up
Child Transport

Caracas, Venezuela

Kraków, Poland

Vienna, Austria
Kids cycling!
the youngest

Toronto, Canada
5063 from the 416 to 516
IMG_3540 Clendenan Clan
Precious Cargo.

Lisbon, Portugal

Budapest, Hungary

Gdansk, Poland

Strasbourg, France

Cycle Chic – The Book

Mr. Cycle Chic and founder of the entire Cycle Chic Republic, Mikael Colville-Anderson, made a book full of pictures of chic cyclists from all over the world. It is called ‘Cycle Chic’ and published by Thames & Hudson.

Cycle Chic Book by Mikael Colville-Andersen

Cycling with umbrella

Rainy Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic by Mikael Colville-Andersen

If I can bicycle, I bicycle

With colourful images Mikael takes you around the globe and shows you how people enjoy cycling through their cities and look fashionable at the same time. There are pictures from his Copenhagen and from our Amsterdam, but also from many other cities from all over the world.
Hungarian Cycle Chic Budapest

Colourful Cycle Chic in London and Paris

Paris and London

Dublin Cycle Chic


Coffee To Go


Wanna see more?

Bikes and business men

Suits, ties and bicycles. Check out the monthly post by the global Cycle Chic Republic of business men on bikes from all over the world.

Amsterdam, The NetherlandsBusiness man by AudeBusiness man in Amsterdam by AudeYoung business man by AudeCopenhagen, DenmarkSpring Sunshine 13Wagamama Window: Rain. Suit.Suits Him FineFantastic Dublin, IrelandDublin Cycle Chic - Him and Her VancouverP1070655P1070067
Cardiff, Great BritainGeorge and his Brompton Belgiumbusinessman_belgiumbusiness_belgium Budapest, Hungary14772065_c7befefd100477b6a4607b67e5d37b7c_xl14728275_be76a4f90abfad5eacda95f4caf4f9a9_xl13157183_a0d10e8505d68809ad16d1646f5fc43c_xl9251543_86c356b7649a6d8e0f8c715b1e05f52b_l Vienna, Austriasmart!smart businessman 2Aristocrat
Barcelona, Spainsunny spring SundayGoing to work Paris, FranceParis Cycle ChicFoto by Barcelona CCBusiness ManBusiness ManRue de Rivoli....
Toronto, Canada
The Wait 80718985 suits ride fixies too!who needs a benz when you got a bike?
Caracas, Venezuela
jose orozco GrazPhone
Sydney, Australiadapper cycle 8950James at Customs House Lisbon, PortugalP1080988P1100419 Gdansk, PolandIMG_3482IMG_1719IMG_1756IMG_1300 Strasbourg, Francecravate2cravate1

Red bicycle day

It’s Red Bicycle Day in the Cycle Chic Republic. Check out the pics from all over the world.
‘The sun never sets in the Cycle Chic Republic’

Copenhagen, Denmark

Red Ride

Red Match

Red Ride

L'américaine et sa bicyclette à Copenhague

Sevilla, Spain
Salón con bicicleta 1

Salón con bicicleta



Amsterdam, The Netherlands
red Dutch bike - Amsterdam Cycle Chic by Aude

Barcelona, Spain
Bicing girl


Lisbon, Portugal




Caracas, Venezuela


P9170130amiguitos en Quíbor

Vienna, Austria
Let the sun shine through your heart

passing meinl

Berlin, Germany

De paseo por la ciudad.

Pedaleando en Ciudad Universitaria.

Graz, Austria
Red Bike

Montreal, Canada
mon vélo rouge en hiver

Sydney, Australia
lego 7541

bikes on bourke street

blue shoes, red bike

Cardiff, Great Britain


Budapest, Hungary