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4 reasons we love Copenhagen

I always love a trip to the other cycling capital of the world – Copenhagen. While leading a urban cycling study tour, I was able to spend 10 days in the city, exploring many new streets, restaurants, and bike bridges. But there’s never enough time, right?

I noticed many differences between the Dutch and Danish bike culture. For example, the Danes, it seems, tend to take care of their bikes – I don’t think I ever saw one rusty old bike with barely any air in the tires. The bikes in Copenhagen are clean, shiny, and well-maintained. The Danes also ride much faster than the Dutch. Biking in this city means business – a serious trek from A to B. No messing around and no chit chat. There were even signs all over the city saying “Keep to the right and look over your shoulder if you want to overtake.” Wow! Yes, sir. Nevertheless, it’s still great fun to cycle in this city. Here’s our top 4 reasons we love Copenhagen.

1) The city is a magnet for gorgeous people. Seriously, gorgeous people. With impeccable style. People-watching is taken to a whole new level here. Anywhere you go, at any time of day, people take care to look effortlessly stunning. It’s like, “Oh this rag? I just woke up and grabbed the first thing I could. It’s nothing, really.”

4 reasons we love Copenhagen #farewell #copenhagen and all your #cyclechic ness! It's been lovely, inspiring and everything in between. 4 reasons we love Copenhagen4 reasons we love Copenhagen 4 reasons we love Copenhagen 2)

2)Food is incredible. The Danes know how to eat well. Every meal I had was designed with such care and attention to detail. Fresh fish, heirloom vegetables, perfect sauces, poached asparagus – all was delicious. Favourite restaurants included: Vespa, Madklubben, Marv og Ben, any vendor at the Torvehallerne or Copenhagen Street Food, and Nose to Tail. 2016-06-06 20.4 reasons we love Copenhagen36.47 2016-06-02 19.37.14

3) It always seems to be sunny. Every day was beautiful with blue skies and warm weather. People were swimming in the harbour and sunbathing in parks. Glorious!
4 reasons we love Copenhagen
Enjoying the last rays on Paper Island. #Copenhagen #summercycling #sunnydays #cyclechic 4 reasons we love Copenhagen
4 reasons we love Copenhagen

4) Danish details. I love biking in this city for all the little details, like angled trash cans and foot rests for cyclists. The lovely Cycle Snake bridge that seamlessly flows through the urban fabric. How nice and civilised! They don’t call it Danish Design for nothing.

4 reasons we love Copenhagen 4 reasons we love Copenhagen
4 reasons we love Copenhagen

Join our team!

We are looking to add 1-2 bloggers to the Amsterdam Cycle Chic blogging team!

Do you love Amsterdam? Do you love taking pictures of people? Are you good at social media? 

Do you want to gain relevant communication and media skills and enhance your network? We’re looking for you! 
We are a small team of 2 professional women (one American/one Australian). We run this blog in our spare time and we are looking for self-motivated people to grow Amsterdam Cycle Chic and the Cycle Chic movement. We can’t offer money, but we have team dinners once a quarter, and we have a huge network! 

In addition to the above questions, other relevant characteristics and skills we’re looking for include:

  • Must live in Amsterdam!
  • Enthusiastic about everyday life in Amsterdam
  • Can commit to about 3 hours per week: 1-2 short blog posts per week; or 1-2 longer posts per month (like the “Cyclist of the Month” series OR a new series you want to take on) PLUS a couple Instagram/Twitter/Facebook posts per week 
  • Can take pretty good photos of people on bikes, owns a decent camera, and has or wants to improve camera skills
  • Is creative and takes initiative 
  • Knows or is willing to learn blog platform (WordPress) 
  • Social media skills

We love people who can stay with us for at least 6 months, but for the right person shorter term could also work. 

Are you interested? Send us an email us ( and include: 

  • a short introduction of yourself, include any relevant background information and/or links to previous/current work
  • tell us why you want to join the team
  • include a fake blog post, complete with 2-3 photos

The deadline is soon! Submit before May 29th (Sunday)!

How to be a friend

Give a lift, or carry your friend’s bag. These two friends have it down.


Holland! Holland!

Since the fabulous match of last Friday (5-1 against Spain), the orange fever is higher than ever! So, one hour before their next match against Australia, Dutchies from all ages are going wild again! This is what Amsterdam looks like today..

somtimes just a touch
but the spirit is there
..or sitting behind on a amsterdam’s rickshaw!

Reportage by Aude


Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

Balloons? A birthday, for sure. Their daughter, son, niece or nephew? Or maybe just a friend that decided to celebrate his birthday the old way! Anyway >> happy birthday!

Cycle Chic Spotlight: Niels, the actor

Constructing your own bicycle out of old parts? That’s something Niels Gomperts loves to do, as his two striking, circus-like bicycles illustrate. Actually, Niels is a selfmade handyman who can fix and construct almost anything. And with artists’ blood flowing through his veins, all his creations have an artistic touch.

His beautiful home in the heart of Amsterdam, which seems to be an ongoing creative construction site, represents his bohemian lifestyle. In front of his house, his two bicycles are parked on a bridge.

Cycling all the way to Poland Niels and his friends made a pit stop in Berlin, where they visited a friend with a very colourful collection of bicycles. Returning home Niels couldn’t wait to get started on his own. For both bicycles he used old bicycle-parts, and for the steering wheel of the ‘low-rider’ he ‘borrowed’ his grandmothers walking frame. Nice touch!


Though he doesn’t ride them daily, he does take them out to cruise through the Vondelpark – sometimes accompanied by a sound installation – or go to a cafe. Of course he fell of a number of times, but hey, that’s the best way to learn. Now he can handle just about any moving vehicle.

Niels isn’t just a skilled handyman, he is also an actor and appears on Dutch television and in several movies. He acted in the movies Lena and Shocking Blue, but he is probably best known for his role in Penoza, a fantastic television show about a Dutch mafia family. So Niels is definitely a talented and remarkable individual. If you keep an eye out, you might see him cruising around town with his head in the clouds.


Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

Some off-road action before joining your best friends for a good old barbecue in the park. A favourite thing to do on summer nights in Amsterdam!

Game face Sunday!

Game face Sunday

These guys were definitely ready for the game!


How to cycle like a Queen (or King!)

Yesterday was a whirlwind of parties all over the city and what was the best way to get there? By bike of course. How did you flaunt your flair on your bike? Here are six ways some Amsterdammers showed their orange pride.

1. With a hat
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

2. With a traveling party
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

3. Tagging along with a friend (and ‘flag’ your cheeks!)
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

4. Bike together and scarf your orange
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

5. Adorn yourself in a King’s robe
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)

6. Proudly fly your flag!
How to Cycle like a Queen (or King!)
by Meredith

Get your groove on

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Else

Last week-end Amsterdam was host to many outdoor festivals. The sun was shining and the streets were filled with cyclists heading to their party of choice. These two guys were going to Buiten Westen, a house festival at the Westerpark, and were ready to get their groove on!

Groom going to the church

Amsterdam cycle chicThose pictures were taken yesterday, at a beautiful Dutch wedding of friends where the groom had the great idea to cycle to the church with his family and best friends..Amsterdam cycle chicLast minutes of ‘single-life’ on 2 wheels, how cool!

Amsterdam cycle chic

Pictures taken by Aemilia

Queen’s Day

Queen’s day, Queensday or Koninginnedag (as we call it), is a national holiday in the Netherlands. On this day we celebrate the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands. Her birthday is actually on the 31st of January, but because the weather is generally very bad then, we decided to celebrate it on her mum’s birthday (if that makes any sense). Queen’s Day is also a typical occasion for the world-famous Orange Craze. On this day everything is and everybody is ready to party…

in the street…

on the canals…

with her dog!

willing to join a boat?!
queensday4 queensday6

with your mates!

…and, of course, on a bicycle!






Learn more about Queensday!

Saturday night

Amsterdam cycle chic

Saturday night by Aude

Typically dutch: blond hair, blue eyes and sitting on the back of a bike on a saturday night.


Wishing you a LOVEly new year!

Our best wishes: forget everyone around you and kiss on your bike..

love on bike

Jikkies_by Aude

Devils on wheels

Walking out of the supermarket last night, we bumped into these red devils on bikes. Is this a tradition? No, we had never seen it before. Is it Halloween? No, we are closer to to Christmas than to Halloween.

Devil on a bike

I had to find out, so I asked them why they dressed up like this on a random Wednesday night?  And as you can see they became all sweet and smiling: they were going to a devil party organized by their sorority!

Devil on a bike

‘Zwarte Piet’ having a break

Zwarte Piet waiting next to his bikeThis is Zwarte Piet.

To appreciate this picture, we need to tell you a bit about the Dutch tradition to celebrate Sinterklaas aka The Good Holy Man: Following the folklore of the Netherlands and of Belgium, Sinterklaas comes with his friend Zwarte Piet (means Black Pete) to give sweets and presents to all children that have behaved well. If you are keen to know more, check wikipedia. The celebration of Sinterklaas takes place on the evening of 5 December in Holland, and on the morning of 6 December in Belgium. As you can see Zwarte Piet is having a break next to his bike. Is he waiting for a metro/train to go to Belgium?

We hope the Belgian government will get some sweet candy too!