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Amsterdam Cycle Chic

by Aude

This cycling pose that most young people usually only take to better oversee crowded junctions, is spotted more frequently in the streets of Amsterdam these days. This young man, for example, is obviously trying to put some extra power on the pedals. This might be absolutely crucial if you have to break the timing record on your cycling team’s time trial through the Oosterpark or if you have to climb one of Amsterdam’s many steep bridges that certainly qualify as 4th category climbs. Yes people, these days the Tour de France is on again!


Code orange

snow 2 by Aude

snow 1 by Aude

snow 3 by Aude

by Aude

Yesterday night, the national institute for weather issued a “code orange”. This doesn’t mean the celebration of a winter Queensday (although it would be fun!) but it is an extreme weather warning. So in other words: it’s gonna snow big time. “If possible stay home” said the weather man, and so did I! These pictures were thus taken from my balcony with a cup of hot chocolate waiting for me on my desk.. Respect to all the snow-cyclists out there!