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A dog’s life

We all love our pets and hate leaving them at home. In Amsterdam, being a dog is pretty cool. You get walked while your master rides next to you (finally those humans can keep up the pace!) or you can choose to sit and ride in style! This little ball of happiness was riding through the canals in his crate with a big smile, the wind in his face and just watching the world pass by.



Dog in Basket patting

By Mel

A lazy Sunday

A lazy ride
When you get tired of riding your bike, what do you do? Looks like this gal picked up a cute guy boat and threw her bike aboard, away they went down the canals. How romantic!

by Meredith

Style and Speed

In the Cycle Chic Republic it is all about Style over Speed. In Amsterdam it generally is, you do not see that many sporty cyclists in the city that just want to go as fast as possible. What you do see are stylish speedy cyclists. They wear normal clothes, they cycle a Dutch bike, but they are going really fast! Probably late for a date, or just work, or a boring meeting or maybe their kids are waiting to be picked up from school…

Style and Speed - de Hermitage Ayolt

Style and Speed - Canal Ayolt

Style and Speed - Amsterdam Bridge

pictures by Ayolt

Snow cycling and ice skating

bikes parked along Amsterdam's canals

For the first time since 1997 it is possible to ice skate on Amsterdam’s canals. Tonight there will be a ice-skate-disco party and tomorrow a race at the Keizersgracht. So we all get on our bike, cycle through the snow to the canals and start ice skating! (We also tried ice-cycling but will need some more practice to learn that properly…)


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