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Red, white & blue – Happy fourth of July!

The American colours flew high and proud on this warm summers night in Amsterdam.

Friday evening brought together sunshine, bbq-ing, some friends and soccer (it is world cup season after all) in Amsterdam. I bumped into the friendly guys at Hygge Life (pronounced Hoo-ga life) who cycled their pimped up poffertje bak-fiets to the local park full of their spiffy cooking gear and delicious gourmet ingredients – and were ready to serve all the peckish patrons in the park. You can turn a bicycle into a thriving business it seems!

Alex and her partner Koen, both itty-bitty-pancake-poffertje masterchefs are warming up their gas cookers and Hygge bus engine for a 3 month road trip around Europe enjoying the summertime and making poffertjes for locals and holidayers along the way. A trip of a lifetime!

For all you readers around Spain and France..keep your eye out for these delicious little pancakes!

..good luck guys!







4thJuly_Red_White_Blue copy

4thJuly_Alex_cooking copy



By Mel


Old school styling

Steampunk may be a fantastical and fictional era from the 19th century, but in Amsterdam in 2014 you see all eras combining into one contemporary and amazing milkshake.

I rode passed this copper-coloured beauty and had to turn around and take a better look. Upon closer inspection I discovered a vintage lantern replacing conventional rear-lighting, and an old fashioned horn for alerting fellow pedestrians and cyclists of this beasts stealth approach. This bike also had a small leather chest and camera case (to carry life’s necessities naturally) topping it all off with a skull fixed on the handlebars – to guide the riders journey.

With rise of the popularity of this genre in The Netherlands through alternative festivals here such as Nox Obscura, Gogbot and Emporium Vennesque you may just be seeing some more kooky wheels flying past you in the near future.






By Mel

Doggy style!

The coolest dog in the street enjoying a cycle in a cargo bike

The coolest dog in town – by Else

Dog crossing a zebra crossing while running beside its cycling boss, Amsterdam

The Dog and the Zebra – by Else

Dog chilling in a cargo bike in Amsterdam

Just chillin’ – by Sofie

Dog running beside its cycling boss

Running dog – by Else

Dog waiting in a bicycle crate for it's boss to go for a cycle

Waiting to go for a cycle – by Joni

All these Amsterdam cyclists show how easy it is to cycle with your dog. For some dogs it’s a moment of relaxing and enjoying for others it is their daily exercise!

Industrial cycling

When someone (usually not Dutch) asks me what a delivery bicycle is, I always answer it is a mix between a shopping cart and a bicycle.
So today I am happy to show you all what I meant. Special thanks to this man for cycling such an industrial creation!

Amsterdam cycle chic

Industrial cycling by Aude

Three kids, one mum

On this one it is quite obvious, this mother has her 3 kids in her Marilyn Monroe’s delivery bike:

mum and 3 kids

On this one, you have to focus, but there are also 3 kids: one on the bike in front, one attached to the bike behind, and one …

mum and 3 kids