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The conversation

conversation2 by aude

Some people are gifted in the art of conversation. And they excel in it. Nothing would hinder them, not even a trip through the city. When you get them started, you can’t get them stop it. They are great company, unless they are too tall, they could be an obstacle to your driving capacity!

conversation1 by aude

by Aude



Who’s the boss?

who's the boss by Aude

by Aude

You know the cliché that dogs and their owner often look alike. Well this is the case I guess, and my question is who’s the boss then?!

Men in black

Man in black II by aude

Not the first one nor the last: men in black are everywhere in Amsterdam these days.
Here is a small collection especially for you..

fast black by Aude

fixies & vans by Aude

FIXyourstyle by Aude

alongtheline2 by aude
by Aude

Looking straight into the lens

looking at me straight in the lens by Aude

by Aude

This is my catch for you this week dear followers..I knew he saw me but what a look!