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The best car is a bike!

Why not make gorgeous bicycles out of old cars? Lola Madrid, a Spanish creative agency, decided to design their version of the perfect bike, and for materials, they are using parts from a junkyard.

Bicycled is not only a new type of bike, it is also a return to the roots of biking. It’s a handmade bike created specially by bicycle shop owners. Those fantastic creatures that are about to become extinct.”

Each Bicycled Bike is unique: “Because every Bicycled is made out of real car parts, there won’t be two of a kind. That’s the key to a product designed to use as much car waste as it can.”

Watch here the video of the construction process:

It’s a smart way to use materials that would otherwise be rusting outside, and a great way to imagine the future…

by Aude


Good laugh

Amsterdam Cycle chic

by Aude

Summer time brings out the best in people: good looks and good laughs! What a shame I couldn’t record her cos she had a real contagious laughter…