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Sunday Snuggle

by MeredithSnowy days are perfect for snuggling up to your loved one. Even on a bike! ♥

by Meredith

Flirty Sunday

by Meredith

by MeredithFlirt tip #17: Get a cute dog. And like a good-sized one (nothing against little dogs!). Put him in your bike basket. Roll up to cute blondes. Make them smile.

Now that’s a flirty Sunday.

by Meredith

Love and sun

love and sun by Aude

by Aude

Love and Sun: this is what I wish you all for this Valentine’s day!

Jump on the back of my bike

Jump on the back, on the back of my bike
And I don’t know where we’re going, and I don’t care about that
Jump on the back of my bike and we will leave together
And I don’t know where we’re going, but that doesn’t matter because I know the way

These are freely translated the lyrics of a popular song called Bagagedrager (rear carrier). Check out the video clip full of trendy Dutch bikes.

In the video you see guys impressing girls with their bicycles. The song is about how nice and romantic it is to cycle together on one bike. This video is also the perfect illustration of the Dutch trend of having a ladies’ bike as a man. What do you need a crossbar for anyhow?

Do all things with love

Especially for Valentine’s Day, we share this picture of the window of a bike shop in de Pijp, a neigbourhood in Amsterdam.

Have a LOVE-ly day!

Lovely display in bike shop in Amsterdam

Wishing you a LOVEly new year!

Our best wishes: forget everyone around you and kiss on your bike..

love on bike

Jikkies_by Aude