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Instamonth: June’s top 10 Instagram pics

June, the month that the summer started, that the parks are everyone’s favourite places to be, and the month that the city turned orange because of the World Cup.

Check out Amsterdam Cycle Chic’s top 10 of June’s Instagram pics:

1. Daily life in Amsterdam; cycling together on one bike to work

2. Good morning Amsterdam, cycling along the Amstel river

good morning Amsterdam #cyclechic #cyclechic #Amsterdam #amstel #bridges #dutchbike #dutchsummer

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

3. Lady cycling on the skinny bridge

4. Dutch girl in orange wearing her bike chain as a belt

5. Cycling in the Vondelpark

Cycling in the Vondelpark #Vondelpark #Amsterdam #iamsterdam #cycling #cyclechic #bikeams #park #ladies #womanonbike

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

6. Bridges are the Dutch hills

Bridges are the Dutch hills #cyling #bridge #dutchmountains #Amstel #Amsterdam #boathouse #canal #dutchbike #womanonbike #hippie

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

7. Cool hair!

Cool hair! #Amsterdam #Amstel #dutchbike #ladies #womanonbike #Netherlands #cycling #cyclechic #bicycle #bike #bicicleta

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

8. A rose for your girlfriend?

A rose for your girlfriend? #roseseller #amsterdam #amsterdamstyle #cyclechic #flowers

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

9. Last phone call and then the weekend really starts

Last phone call and then the weekend really starts #tgif #commute cycling in suit #Amsterdam #cyclechic #bicicleta #bicycle #dutchbike #

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

10. Cargo bike parking sign at the Beatrixpark

Cargo bike parking sign #bikeparking #bakfiets #cargobike #Amsterdam #beatrixpark #playground #cycling #bikeams #trafficsign

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

Are you already following us on Instagram? You should, if you want to learn more about Amsterdam’s cycling culture and enjoy the diversity of cyclists and bikes in Amsterdam’s streets. Every month we will post the most liked Instagram shots here on our blog.

August Amstel Day

Please join me for a cycle on a sunny day in August along the river Amstel.

Painting river Amstel

The artist and his bike: painting the view over the river.

Bikes on the bridge

A typical sight for the end of August and the beginning of the new academic year; the new sorority girls all paint their bikes in the same colour.

Guys on bikes

Just checking where their friends are so that they can join them for a beer on a sunny terrace.

Amsterdam cycle chic

Taking it easy on his way to work. Cycling with no hands and enjoying the view.

Amsterdam cycle chic

The sun on her back, the wind in her hair and the summer print on her trousers, that is August!

Amsterdammers taking it easy

In one week we had many festivities in Amsterdam; on the 30th of April Queensday and the coronation of the new king; on the 4th of May the Remembrance of the Death at Dam square and on the 5th of May both Liberation Day and the championship celebrations of Amsterdam’s football club Ajax.

After all these celebrations, with many people in the streets from all over the world, we are now taking it easy. Just enjoying the city and reliving about all the beautiful festivities.

Crossing the bridge

The Amstel river was full of boats. Not only on Queensday Amsterdammers love to go dancing and drinking on their boats. Also Liberation Day is a busy day for the river. Every year there is a concert on the river. King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and former Queen Beatrix came to listen and many Amsterdammers joined them on their boats. Now rest has returned, this guy only saw one sightseeing boat when he crossed the famous skinny bridge.

Sunny cycling in the Vondelpark

On Queensday the Vondelpark is full of family fun. The park is turned into a big freemarket place. There are many activities for kids like face-painting, games and musical and theatrical performances. But also in the most famous park of Amsterdam, rest has returned. This guy is enjoying an easy cycle through the park.

Chatting and laughing

Chatting and laughing on the magere brugchatting while cyclingLaughing and cycling

Mobile and connected

The first thing citizens from Amsterdam ask themselves when they get on their bike is; What phone calls do I have to make? While cycling to work or back home again, or on your way to a bar, it’s a perfect time to call your friends.

a bicycle, a cigarette and a mobile phone

texting on a bicycle

phone call on a bicycle

making a phone call while cycling

phone call on a bicycle

Waiting for a boat to pass



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