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Scarf-ing up fall

Yep it’s that time again–dig out your scarves, hats, and long coats … because, ladies and gents, it’s fall.



Cello calling

cello on bike by Aude

by Aude

Musician, backpack worn in front, huge cello worn on back. And giving a call, respect!

man + dog + music

Equals adorable!

Look at that cute little thing! Aw. His little ears flapping in the wind.

man + dog + music

Bun up top

Loving this chick’s style. Black on gray on white, with the black Nike Frees — on a classic black Omafiets. Plus the big bun on top. And Ray-Bans to make it stick. Nice.

Bun up top

Yes it’s Movember.

Anyone else seeing it everywhere–moustaches and beards galore? It’s amazing. I love this time of year.

Yes it's Movember

A day for yellow pants

We are having some lucky sunny weather so far this fall. Two days in a row of lovely sun and blue skies. And more to come this week, right? Maybe I need to find some yellow pants to celebrate….

A day for yellow pants
by Meredith

Check out those triceps!

Watch out for this gun show! And the pink fenders! I’m totally digging this guy’s style. Just heading home from the gym with his tight tee, bright Nikes, and an old, scratched, pink ladies bike. Typical.

Check out those triceps!


by Meredith

Cruising Sunday

by MeredithWell hey there pretty lady! She’s got her matching gloves and beanie, and just cruising along on her Old Dutch, carrying some things in her basket and listening to music. This freezing weather isn’t wearing her down at all…it’s almost making her smile!

What made you smile today?

by Meredith

Mohawks ride faster

by Meredith

There’s so much going on here. First of all, the mohawk. (No, it wasn’t just the wind). Awesome! Then the Louis bag. Classy. Bright blue jeans? Totally hot. Old school Nike’s. Yes, love it. Slick wheels–obvi. Should I expect anything less in the 9 Streets?!

I don’t think so.

by Meredith


Mr. Sunday

by Meredith

Oh hello there, Mr. Sunday! Where are you pedaling off to with those goodies from de Bijenkorf and AH? Looking super chic in those yellow pants and that 5 o’clock shadow (not too bad for Movember).

by Meredith


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