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Just me, my bike and my double bass






by Aude and Willem

Music and bikes: last chance to win!

This weekend is your last chance to send in pictures for the Music & Bikes competition to win a Hotelfietsbel. So we thought we might give you some more inspiration with these pictures of Amsterdam cyclists.

Music and bikes

Boy giving an ‘air-drum-concert’ on his dad’s front carrier

Music and bikes

Carrying a drumset on a bike while listening to music

Music and bikes

Cycling with a guitar

Music and bikes

Mum cycling home after her violin classes

To win a Hotelfietsbel (hotel bike bell), the coolest bell in Amsterdam, you can post your pictures of Music & Bikes to our Facebook wall, our Flickr Group, or just email them to

For more inspiration check out the Flickr group and the ‘Cycle to the music‘-post
Visit the Hotelfietsbel website for more information about the bell or read our blogpost about it.

Hotel Bike Bell

The most original bike gadget seen in Amsterdam’s streets is definitely the Hotelfietsbel (Hotel Bike Bell). It is the famous hotel bell, but then on a bicycle. It is stylish, shiny and makes a great sound.

The Hotel bike bell is an invention of Anton Frima. He makes the bells himself at home. He already sold more than a hundred and not only in The Netherlands, he also ships them to other countries. We got to know this bike bell by this great video made by Amsterdam artist Aart Taminiau. Watch it and learn more about the history of the hotel bike bell!

The Hotelbikebell from Aart Taminiau on Vimeo.

Anton came up with the idea when he was buying a bicycle bell in a Dutch warehouse and saw the ‘Hotel Bell’. “Why can’t I put that bell on my bike? It makes a loud enough sound, looks good and is something different”, he thought. So he decided to investigate everything about Hotel bells. He bought many different ones, on flee markets and on the internet, to find the perfect hotel bell for on a bicycle. He also came up with a way to assemble the Hotel bell to a bike and has been working on perfectionising the bell since March 2011.
Anton was born and raised in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. He lives in Amsterdam since 2009. Anton works full time at Doctors without Borders (Médecins sans frontières) and in his spare time he is making the bike bells and cycles his Dutch bike or races on his racing bike. He delivers the bells for free in Amsterdam and even assembles them to your bike!

Check out the website for more information and to order an original handmade Hotelfiesbel!

You now have the unique chance to win a Hotelfietsbel! How?
Post your best picture about Music & Bikes (please be creative, surprise us!) to our Facebook page or Flickr Group.

Amsterdam cycle chic

Guess what he’s missing?

Amsterdam cycle chic

by Aude

If you did not get it, look at the pedals…and notice that this musician is cycling barefoot!
I still can’t figure out how this man ended up like this!? If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


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