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How Cycle Chic is the new king?

As you probably have heard; we have a new king! On Tuesday the ceremony of the abdication and the coronation (without a crown though) took place in Amsterdam. Prince Willem-Alexander (also known as ‘Prins Pils = Prince Pilsener’) is now king Willem-Alexander and his Argentinian born wife, Máxima, is Queen Máxima.

For Amsterdam Cycle Chic the first question that arose was of course; how cycle chic are the new king and queen? As a royal couple you usually are very chic, but do they also cycle chic? We found the following pictures of the King and Queen on bikes. What do you think? Quite cycle chic eh?!

King of the Netherlands on a bike

The king of the Netherlands cycling in a suit

Family cycling; Willem-Alexander, Maxima and their three daughters on bikes

Dutch Royal family on bikes

Willem Alexander op een bakfiets

Royal family cycling with a cargo bike

Prinses Maxima op de fiets

Queen Máxima on a bike

Willem Alexander en Maxima op de fiets

The Dutch king and queen on their bikes

the young prince Willem Alexander

King Willem-Alexander as a boy


The Dutch Bike

De Nederlandse fiets

The Dutch Bike – Zahid Sardar

In decades the design of the most popular bike in the Netherlands has hardly changed. The Dutch love the simplicity, the upright position and the everlasting steel frame of their bikes. Now that cycling becomes more popular in other countries, the Dutch omafiets and opafiets gains popularity all over the world. In the book ´De Nederlandse fiets-The Dutch Bike´ design critic Zahid Sardar describes the history of the traditional Dutch bike and looks at the new trendy versions of the bike by Dutch designers. A great and easy to read book about Dutch cycling culture and design.


Origin of the Dutch bike
Did you know that the design of the ‘Dutch bike’ actually isn’t Dutch? The Dutch got the design from the French vélocipède and the English Rover bike. At the end of the 19th century bicycle production increased and Dutch brands like Burgers, Fongers and Union where getting bigger and bigger. The import of cheap steel from the US and the fast industrialisation in Europe turned the bicycle from a product for the elite into a product for huge parts of the Dutch population. Many women cycled too and the design of the bike was adapted to women with long dresses cycling (‘the looped frame’: the omafiets).

De Nederlandse fietsDe Nederlandse fiets - Zahid Sardar

Dutch design: new trendy bikes
The traditional omafiets and opafiets might be the most common in the Netherlands, but there are also many new designs on the market. It becomes more and more trendy to have a cool and special bike. So Dutch designers started to make new bikes, often based on the traditional design, experimenting with materials, position and colours. Popular ones at the moment are amongst others the urban Vanmoof bikes, the wooden Bough Bikes and Urban Arrow, an electric-assist cargo bike.

Dutch Design bicycles

Dutch design: Urban Arrow and Van Moof

– Order a copy of the book The Dutch Bike at Nai Publishers