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Man on ladies’ bike

Winter Wonderland of Bikes

It’s that frosty time of year again and Amsterdam has been hit with more than a generous dusting of snow! From Friday to Monday, winter’s magic descended upon the city and disrupted travel across the country. Up and onwards, Amsterdammers cycled on, showing that neither rain nor wind nor snow will keep us off our bikes!

Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland


The Dutch have a great sense of style. They love matching their outfits. This cyclist goes one step further, and matches his bike, bag, clothing and shoes. He’s ‘on board’ with a lot more than that ferry!


Instamonth: June’s top 10 Instagram pics

June, the month that the summer started, that the parks are everyone’s favourite places to be, and the month that the city turned orange because of the World Cup.

Check out Amsterdam Cycle Chic’s top 10 of June’s Instagram pics:

1. Daily life in Amsterdam; cycling together on one bike to work

2. Good morning Amsterdam, cycling along the Amstel river
3. Lady cycling on the skinny bridge

4. Dutch girl in orange wearing her bike chain as a belt

5. Cycling in the Vondelpark

6. Bridges are the Dutch hills

7. Cool hair!

8. A rose for your girlfriend?

9. Last phone call and then the weekend really starts

10. Cargo bike parking sign at the Beatrixpark

Are you already following us on Instagram? You should, if you want to learn more about Amsterdam’s cycling culture and enjoy the diversity of cyclists and bikes in Amsterdam’s streets. Every month we will post the most liked Instagram shots here on our blog.

Bromance in the park

Nothing like a leisurely ride in the Vondelpark with a friend. And with style, might I add. Looking good boys!

Bromance in the park

Double Dutch

When it comes to cycling the Dutch love to double up. Especially on chilly, wintery days like today, it seems like the only way to get around is to jump on the back on your friend’s bike and snuggle up close.  Or hop on a tandem like the adorable cutie-pie in the last pic! Don’t lose those flowers!

Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch
Double Dutch

Check out those triceps!

Watch out for this gun show! And the pink fenders! I’m totally digging this guy’s style. Just heading home from the gym with his tight tee, bright Nikes, and an old, scratched, pink ladies bike. Typical.

Check out those triceps!


by Meredith


Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Anyone up for short Dutch lesson? I already told you at the time what was an “Opa“. Now let’s talk about the “Oma”: it is the grandma. You may think I love old people, and I do. But I am not the one who invented the expression “Omafiets”. “Fiets” means bike in Dutch so “Omafiets” is a grandma bike. And trust me the Omafiets is the fancy old classic that most of people in Amsterdam are riding on.

Amsterdam Cycle chic

by Aude

A pink pants weekend!

Did you see the Pride parade on the canals this Saturday? Those boats were incredible! In between the fabulous drag shows, feathered boas, winged costumes, glitter and glam–some people managed to keep their pants on this weekend at Amsterdam Pride. And when they did, it was nothing but pink!

A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!
A pink pants weekend!

by Meredith

Suits on bikes

Suits on bikes
Suits on bikes
Suits on bikes
Nevermind this sweltering heat, who doesn’t love a good-looking suit? With a beer, phone, briefcase–doesn’t matter, as long as it looks good. And on a bike, of course!

by Meredith

Boy in the back seat

Getting your two kids on your bike can be quite a balancing act. Check out how this dad gets his son in the back seat. He clearly does this more often!

family cycling

Dad and kids cycling

Boy in back seat

Family cycling

Classy Sunday

Biking to the ball

Where is this well-clad couple heading? The opera? The ball? A wedding? Where ever it is, they’re getting there in style.
by Meredith


Sunglasses are sexy!

Sunglasses Sunday!
Sunglasses Sunday!
Sunglasses Sunday!
Is it finally time to (really) break out the sun wear? To roll up our sleeves? Leave the heavy coats at home? Wait, wait–maybe even gloves too?!? These Amsterdammers think so. I was convinced spring was never going to come, but with this sunny, 20-degree weather, I think it’s finally here. It’s definitely time to celebrate with a breezy bike ride through my favorite cycling city!

So get out those sexy sunglasses, I think there’s more sun in store…

by Meredith

Sunday Snuggle

by MeredithSnowy days are perfect for snuggling up to your loved one. Even on a bike! ♥

by Meredith

Sunny Sunday

by Meredith
I saw so many people with sunglasses on today, like this cutie pie. Love it.

Did anyone else get a suntan today? I turned up the heat and sat near my closed window (with a bikini and sunglasses!) and relished the sun this morning. I don’t care if it’s -10, if it’s sunny I’m a happy camper.


Merry Christmas!

It’s never too late to go out there on your bike and get back home with the last tree from the very friendly Californian Christmas-tree-man located on Marie Heinekenplein.

Season greetings, the ACC Team.

Christmas Tree by Aude

by Aude


by MeredithTotally caught this guy jammin’ with his over-sized headphones and rockin’ the red cons and green parka. Is it just me, or does everyone have a green parka these days (except me)…?

by Meredith

Hitchin’ a ride

by Meredith

I think this photo truly captures the strong, independent, and do-it-all mentality of Dutch women. Totally fantastic. You can give a man a ride on the back of your bike, purse on arm, and sport your leopard gloves, too.

It’s not easy giving a ride — and it takes practice. I completely fell over the first time I tried to give a ride. Ended up just sitting on the back like this guy. I’ll keep trying though!

by Meredith

Escapade à pAris

The cycle chic team has been travelling a lot in Europa during the summer. Lately Aude and her sister were invited by their mum to go to pAris! Of course they rented a velib’ to move around. And they met many locals on a velib’ too. Here you can see a girl on high heels…
Paris talons by Aude
Guys chatting on Pompidou square…
Paris Pompidou by Aude
Some youngsters heading for a party…
pAris by night by Aude

Cycling is getting more and more popular here so many people have their own 2 wheels. Look at these:

Frenchy on a race bike…
Paris race by Aude
Dude on lady’s bike…
Paris mocassins by Aude
Girl on a city bike with basket…
Paris lunettes by aude
The trio Aude-sister-mum have been cycling through the whole of pAris. They came to see the exhibition “Panorama” from Gerhard Richter on the top floor of centre Pompidou. Dedicated to modern and contemporary art, le centre Pompidou is a place you can’t miss if you are interested in art. This painting called “le vélo” is from Alain Séchas, it is part of the permanent collection of the Museum.
le vélo de Séchas by Aude

Orange umbrella

Cyclist cycling through rain with orange umbrella in Amsterdam - Amsterdam Cycle Chic
After Saturday’s disappointment (the Dutch team lost the first football match in the Euro Cup against Denmark) this cyclist keeps up the good spirit by using his orange umbrella to keep a dry head in rainy Amsterdam. Hopefully it will bring luck to the Dutch tomorrow in the match against Germany!

Cycle Chic Spotlight: The Resigned Prime Minister

Yesterday the Dutch cabinet resigned. After weeks of talks between the ruling parties, the party leaders couldn’t agree on austerity measures.

So? What does that have to do with cycling you might ask? Hardly anything to be honest. Only that the prime minister, Mark Rutte, always used his (ladies) bike to go to and from the meetings. That’s why we make him the Cyclist of the Month. That is at least one thing he can be proud of this week!

Cycle Chic: the resigned prime minister on his ladies bike

Cycle Chic: the resigned prime minister on his ladies bike

Cycle Chic: the resigned prime minister Mark Rutte on his ladies bike

Cycle Chic: the resigned prime minister on his ladies bikeCycle Chic: the resigned prime minister on his ladies bike

Amsterdam rush hour

Heaven – Amsterdam rush hour from Cyclechic hu on Vimeo.

This weekend our friend Áron from Hungarian Cycle Chic visited the Netherlands. He made this cool video of rush hour in Amsterdam’s city centre. Check out all the people chatting, making phone calls and rushing to work. You can also clearly see how popular the bicycle crate is in the Netherlands. The Mr Visserplein, where the video was shot, isn’t what you call the most beautiful spot in Amsterdam, but for Áron it was ‘Heaven’….

A window view

A window view by Ayolt
Through a tree
Bike crate by Ayolt

Through a window of a house on a canal we shot pictures of these typical Amsterdam scenes. It was one of the first sunny and warm days of the year. Cyclists looked so small from high above.

Do all things with love

Especially for Valentine’s Day, we share this picture of the window of a bike shop in de Pijp, a neigbourhood in Amsterdam.

Have a LOVE-ly day!

Lovely display in bike shop in Amsterdam