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Due date?

**2015-10-10 10.16.24-1
I have to say I prefer much more to cycle than to walk..
**2015-10-10 10.25.24
No worries, I will drive myself to the hospital!
*2015-10-10 10.21.01-2
I scheduled this post, so who knows, maybe my baby boy is already born by the time you read me?!
**2015-10-10 10.17.17-2
Special thanks Meredith for this family photoshoot!


Need a new idea for a cheap date?

One of my favorite things to do is to ride next to my partner, hand in hand. I know, I know, so girly, romantic, and cheesy and blah blah blah – but come on! You know you like it to. These 2 couldn’t get enough of each other last night. Held hands for blocks and blocks… 

Sometimes you don’t even need a destination when you’re in love and on a bike in Amsterdam. Let your ride be your date. See where the evening takes you. 


Instagram top 10 September

Check out Amsterdam Cycle Chic’s top 10 Instagram pics of September.

1. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

2. Birthday flowers delivery (AP Bloem)

3. Wedding guests

4. Doggy cycling

5. Super daddy

6. Super mummy

Super mummy after work #amsterdam #daycare #school #afterschool #afterwork #cyclechic #bikeams #bike #bici #kids #family #familytime

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

7. Urban racing

8. Little girls will grow up

Little girls Will grow up #school #morningride #mother #daughter #family #bakfiets #cyclechic #bikeams #amsterdamcyclechic

A photo posted by amsterdamcyclechic (@amsterdamcyclechic) on

9. Super green

10. No chance to go incognito

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